The Silo BackBlast 7/16/18


If you read my Pre-Blast you would know I had nothing special planned for this morning. My goal for North Posh has & always will be a WO that is hard, that pushes you more than usual. Some times this will be up to the Q to do, but most of the time it’s a decision YOU have to make…to push yourself harder than usual. The more I’ve had the opportunity to Q the more I’ve realized keeping it simple is the easiest way to achieve this.

Weather: 71 degrees, 100% humidity…rain held off.

Gear: Black Nike TT, Grey Nike shorts, Neon Yellow Buff, & Grey Reebok’s.


1. Launch Pad (R)(VP)
2. Huggies
3. Jitterbug (R)(VP)
4. Backdraft (VP)
5. Valdez (VP)
6. Pork Chop (VP)
7. Lamb Chop 2.0 (FNG)(VP)
8. Bob Ross
9. Nino (QIC)

At 0529 the PAX circled up, I gave the disclaimer that I am not a professional so everything I say is a suggestion & because you are here on your own free will please modify as needed.


  • (20) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (20) Imperial Walkers IC
  • (15) Time Warps IC

We then moseyed down Blue Heron Rd to the entry gate to the North Beckley Paddling Access parking lot. The entry down to the parking lot is a nice steep hill, perfect For the Thang.


THANG 1 – Hillside 11’s

Groiner: 1 rep

  • run to the bottom of the hill

Burpee: 10 reps

  • run to the top of the hill

We continued this, alternating 2/9, 3/8, etc. until completion of 10 Groiners & 1 Burpee. As each PAX finished they held plank or did LBCs until the 6 was finished. We mosyed back to the meeting point for some Mary.


For the 6 exercises below each PAX did as many reps as they could in 30 seconds. Between each exercise there was 15 seconds for each PAX to do 5 Merkins. We did 2 Rounds.

  1. Big Boy Sit-Ups: 30 seconds
    • 5 Merkins: 15 seconds
  2. V-Sit Kick Outs: 30 seconds
    • 5 Merkins: 15 seconds
  3. V-Sit Hold: 30 seconds
    • 5 Merkins: 15 seconds
  4. 6” Leg Hold: 30 seconds
    • 5 Merkins: 15 seconds
  5. Leg Raises: 30 seconds
    • 5 Merkins: 15 seconds
  6. Windshield Wipers: 30 seconds
    • 5 Merkins: 15 seconds

After the 2nd Round it was 0613 so we went over to the bench wall. Each PAX got in plank postition with their feet right up against the wall & did 1 Merkin. They then lifted their feet up onto the wall & did 1 Decline Merkin. We continued this alternating the two positions doing as many Merkins as possible for the last 2 minutes.



  • McAfee is going be leading a set BlackOps at The Posh on Tuesday’s starting tomorrow 7/17/18. During the August the WOs will be for the F3 IronPaxChallenge.


  • Thoughts & prayers for Vince, Weedwacker, & family.
  • Abacus’s M, Abacus, & family.
  • Pope.

Thanked the SkyQ for another day, for the opportunity to lead these HIMs for 45 minutes of their day. Asked that those 45 minutes be the hardest thing they have to do today & for the strength/courage to be leaders in our homes, work places, & community.

Until next time.

Nino out.

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