BackBlast 8/24/18 Ruck Training BO at The Posh

I’m writing this BackBlast on behalf of Kilo. 

Weather: A clear 59 degrees with 85% humidity.


  1. Fanny Pack (R)
  2. Huggies
  3. Iceman (R) & Lulu (his dog)
  4. Nino
  5. Kilo (QIC)

Kilo gave the disclaimer, told the PAX to mount up, & we were off. We went over the bridge, past the Humana Legacy Commons, across the Boardwalk to the soccer fields. Kilo had us line up in the baseline, placed four cones approximately 10 yards apart, & explained the Thang.

The Thang

Bear Crawl to 1st cone

  • (20) Air Squats

Bear Crawl to 2nd cone

  • (20) Merkins

Bear Crawl to 3rd cone

  • (20) Mountain Climbers

Bear Crawl to 4th cone

  • (20) Flutter Kicks

Wait for the six & perform the same routine in return to the baseline. Rinse & repeat three times. Apparently this routine is recommended training to prepare for a GoRuck Tough. The MCs sucked.

After the third round the Ruck Sacks went back on & we continued on a Ruck. About a quarter of the mile down the path we stopped under the bridge for some more work.

  • (20) Incline Merkins on the curb
  • Ruck Sacks off, lifted them up over our heads & went in about a 50 yard circle…Ruck Sacks back on
  • (20) Incline Merkins on the curb

Back into a Ruck to the soccer field & to the cones. We did one more round of the Thang, picked the cones up & headed back to the meeting point. Once to the meeting point the Ruck Sacks came off & we went on a mosey around the parking lot ending the stretch in a full out sprint.

This WO provided a good balance of 1stF & 2rdF.




Announcements & Intentions

  • Although these were not necessary at the time, thoughts & prayers for Kilo’s M. 🙏🏼

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