8/14 BackBlast IronPAXChallenge Week 2

One of my favorite things about Qing is getting to plan the WO. I like to try new things & I love passing out a beat down to the attending PAX. With the IronPAXChallenge I don’t get to plan the WO, but this morning the 9 PAX who posted definitely got a beat down.

Conditions: A clear sky (saw 1 meteor fly by) 64 degrees & 98% humidity.

Gearlander: Black Nike tank, grey Nike shorts, grey Reebok’s, & a blue Buff.


  1. Catfish
  2. Chapo
  3. Huggies
  4. Jitterbug (R)
  5. Kilo
  6. McAfee
  7. Nino (QIC)
  8. Pork Chop
  9. Worm

Since this was a timed WO we met in the parking lot where I’d already gotten out the coupons & set up cones needed for the running portion of the WO.

Everyone circled up, I gave the disclaimer that I am not a professional, each individual was there on their on free will, everything I say to do is a suggestion, & to modify as needed. Although modifying would likely impact your score. With that we were under way.


  • 25 SSH IC
  • Arm Circles (front, then back)
  • Calf Stretches

With the PAX loose we all lined up along the baseline cones behind a coupon. I explained the WO to the PAX (see below). According to the Pre-Blast for this WO the coupons should weigh 25-35 lbs., but of the coupons at The Posh the lightest one weighed 37.4 lbs. With everyone ready I turned on some music, the timer, & we got to work.

The Thang


Here are the individual results for each PAX showing their number of reps per exercise & their cumulative number of reps for the WO. Similar to Week 1 of the IronPAXChallenge Catfish & McAfee showed they’re a couple of the strongest PAX within F3Louisville. I’d put their performance(s) up against any other region in F3Nation. Had they had a 24 lb. or even 30 lb. weighted coupon I can only imagine what kind of numbers they would’ve put up.


  • Thrusters: 249
  • Coupon Curls: 300
  • Coupon Swings: 225
  • Man Makers: 86
  • Total: 860


  • Thrusters: 137
  • Coupon Curls: 200
  • Coupon Swings: 150
  • Man Makers: 50
  • Total: 537


  • Thrusters: 129
  • Coupon Curls: 168
  • Coupon Swings: 110
  • Man Makers: 41
  • Total: 448

Jitterbug (R)

  • Thrusters: 138
  • Coupon Curls: 200
  • Coupon Swings: 120
  • Man Makers: 55
  • Total: 513


  • Thrusters: 215
  • Coupon Curls: 260
  • Coupon Swings: 175
  • Man Makers: 63
  • Total: 713


  • Thrusters: 248
  • Coupon Curls: 300
  • Coupon Swings: 225
  • Man Makers: 87
  • Total: 860


  • Thrusters: 135
  • Coupon Curls: 215
  • Coupon Swings: 140
  • Man Makers: 50
  • Total: 540

Pork Chop

  • Thrusters: 125
  • Coupon Curls: 150
  • Coupon Swings: 125
  • Man Makers: 41
  • Total: 441


  • Thrusters: 165
  • Coupon Curls: 206
  • Coupon Swings: 152
  • Man Makers: 71
  • Total: 594

The timer for the Man Makers went off at 0618. We put the coupons up & circled up around the flag.





  1. BlackOps Ruck Training this Friday 8/17 at The Posh from 0515-0615.
  2. Due to a race taking place at The Posh this Saturday 8/18 the Fog WO is being moved to The County. Following the WO there will be a Q-School.
  3. Check out the information on Slack about a Golf Scramble on Saturday 9/22 at Tanglewood GC. All proceeds will go to support Vince.


  • Thoughts & prayers for McAfee’s father-in-law.
  • Thoughts & prayers for Vince.
  • Thoughts & prayers for Abacus’s M & family.
  • Thoughts & prayers for Boozer’s mom.
  • Thoughts & prayers Jitterbug’s mother-in-law.

I thanked the SkyQ for another day. After hearing the list of people in the lives of our PAX I tried to give perspective. We were complaining about the weight of our coupons being 10-13 lbs. more than was put out in the Challenge Pre-Blast. In comparison to what others in our lives are or may be going through this is NOTHING. I asked the SkyQ to give us the strength & courage to be the leaders needed in our homes & community.

As always, it’s humbling to lead a group of HIMs.

Nino out.

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