In the Pre blast, Glen Ross told us he was going to implement the WO from his first post. Lucky for me, I was there so I knew what was coming. Unlucky for me, I knew what was coming.

Q Glen Ross


Fonda Respect
Chicken Fried
Glass Joe
Glen Ross Q

About a month ago, Glen Ross and I made a decision to have the backblast written by another Pax to see a different perspective. Well, I sent him a message last night offered to return the favor.

One year ago today, Birdhole, an F3 Louisville godfather, came back to visit and Q a WO at the O. When going back and reading the Weinke, Glen Ross noticed that we did a lot that day. And it was the only Tuesday WO back then, so we had 29 show up one year ago. Today we had 84 over 6 WO. Impressive growth, and in no short reason due to today’s Q Glen Ross.

I didn’t know Glen Ross before F3. I was there for his naming, but the first time he made an impression on me was at Seabass first Q. Glen Ross is incredibly supportive of the Q, the 6, and anyone in between. Knowing that Seabass was only 13 at the time, the Q had the potential to be spotty, maybe a little easy, and possible disorganized. What Glen Ross did that day and every WO since, was lend positive support the way of the Q. My 2.0 left that day proud of his accomplishment, and YHC left knowing that Glen Ross was a HIM that Seabass needed to look up to.

Glen Ross was the first site Q of the Blender. He has HLd multiple HIMs and lends support to Norton Commons whenever he can. He makes sure that he speaks to everyone in the Pax he leads, and genuinely cares about the success all around. Glen Ross, also, organized a coat drive for the homeless shelter last winter. Plain and simple, he embodies what a F3 Louisville Pax should be. Positive, caring, confident, energetic, social, and giving.

So on to the WO. Birdhole was the Q that I first tried to emulate when leading a group. He was organized, clear with directions and kept the Pax of 29 moving. We, as a group, have developed into some great Q styles. I credit Birdhole with at least a part of that. Glen Ross picked and excellent WO to copy.

Mosey over to the coupon(less) field

As the cops circled the O searching for someone,

We did


15 Mountain Climbers IC

15 Abe Vigodas IC

15 IW IC

10 single count Merkins

Thang 1

Headed to the hill on the way to bball courts, halfway down the hill we stopped for


2 rounds

R1 jump squats at bottom, merkins at top

R2 Big Bird Lunges at bottom, burpees at top

The second round was added by HR, we must be getting better…

Thang 2

Head to the troll Bridge for some Barbara Walter’s

20 dips on bridge

20 Derkins on Bridge

Rinse and repeat

The MC lowered and we began to hear the grunts of the women’s final in the French Open.

Then, Bernie Sanders to the bottom of the Cul de Sac. Paused for pics of the wedding party.

Bear Crawl to the jeep. Yes to the jeep. It’s always there, right? Then Bernie sanders to the top.

Thang 3

Crossed the street to coupon(less) field for:

2 rounds of 5 reps of

Plank jacks, squats, merkins and gorilla squats.

Circled up for a ferris wheel.

All start in BOM and sprints 20 yds out, like spokes of a wheel, and performs 20 reps of these:

Caroline Dry Docks

Dive bombers

T merkins

Next on to Mary

American Hammers, gas pumps, Freddie mercuries and LBCs

We finished with 360 merkins and headed back to the flag.

This is when the discussion of sitting for COT began. I honestly don’t remember when it stopped.


No FNGs, but we did have Fonda tell us how he got his name since he called the 6. Glen Ross told us the story if how he hated his name at first, but today embraces it with a tank that read Always Be Closing. Intentions for some close to the group battling illness and a thank you for the support given to Butcher over the last few weeks. This was his first post back in Louisville and it’s awesome to have him back. Silent intentions and we were released to win the day.

Naked Moleskin

I mentioned that this wasn’t the only anniversary today. This is the anniversary of the last WO before I dislocated my kneecap. When it happened, I was pretty worried that, like routines in the past, I would be done. And, based on how it felt, I was worried I would be able to do any of the workouts. Thanks to Jordy, and the support from F3, all of my worries were gone within a week. I posted, and although I couldnt do anything lower body, I was welcomed back in a limited capacity. That was when I came to the full realization that this wasn’t just about a workout. I was supported in my recovery. Hell, I still get questions about it to this day. And guys, I am sorry to say, I am just that slow with a good knee. So thank you to all that helped and push me every day. And happy anniversary to Glen Ross!

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