Back Blast for BlackOps at the North Posh 6/4/18 #TheSilo


Since the beginning of April we’ve experienced substantial growth at The Posh culminating in 20-30 PAX posting on Monday at The Incubator. In an attempt to help out the Q & maintain the 2ndf the decision was made to split The Posh. Today, for the first time the PAX had the ability to choose where to post on a Monday at the Parklands:

  1. The Incubator at The Posh
  2. The Silo at North Posh

On Friday Double Down posted in Slack notifying everyone of this monumental moment & the critical decision the PAX (specifically the Posh PAX) faced. Despite an overall good response from the PAX to Double Down’s post to get an idea of what the turn out would be at each location I still didn’t know what to expect. Double Down just had his 1 year postversary & is a posting machine (RESPECT)…would the PAX favor going to his WO? Would the PAX be reluctant to post at a different location? Was the WO I planned going to be difficult enough for the vision I had for North Posh? 

It’s not a surprise, but the PAX turned out for a perfect split with 16 members posting at each location.

QIC: Nino

15 PAX: Abacus, Ashley, Catfish, Grandpa Bear, Grave Digger, Gypsie, Huggins, McAfee, Mr. Hat, Nice & Slow, Scratch-N-Dent, Star Child, Storm Trooper, Valdez, Yogi

Time: 0530

Conditions: Clear & a crisp 56 degrees.

Gear: Neon yellow Walmart Dri-FIT shirt, grey Nike running shorts, blue & neon yellow Nike running shoes, & black MAXGRIP gardening gloves.

I had the PAX circle up, gave the disclaimer letting everyone know I am not a professional, everything I say is a suggestion, modify as needed, & we were on our way. 


(20) SSH

(20) Grass Grabbers

(20) Imperial Walkers

With our blood now pumping we moseyed down the path over to the 1st location passing The Wall (which cannot be used because it’s a natural habitat for wildlife & the Parklands are not mowing it) to a large hill with a near 180 degree turn in the middle of it. 

Thang 1 – “Hills N Merkins”

To provide sufficient space the PAX split into 2 groups with Group 1 using the top half of the hill & Group 2 using the bottom half of the hill. The exercise was simple:

  • (5) Merkins to start at the bottom/top of the hill, run to the top/bottom of the hill to do (10) Merkins, & continue adding (5) Merkins each time you reached the bottom/top. Each PAX did this as many time as they could for 10 minutes.
  • After the PAX got to the point where (25) Merkins were required I started to here a good amount of groans…which was music to my ears. 


After 10 minutes was up we moseyed down to the bottom of the hill to the Overlook, a damp, but nicely cut field roughly 150-200 yards in length. Again, the instruction was simple: sprint across the field until you reach the parking lot on the other side. From here we resumed a mosey to the 2nd location. 


Thang 2 – “Bears Climb Stairs”

I got this from Iceman who I think got it from Glauc, but either way it’s killer. The PAX lined up & one at a time bear crawled up the steps stopping to do a Merkin at every other step (29 Merkins in total by my count). While patiently awaiting to climb the stairs each PAX held plank. Upon reaching the top stair each PAX then bear crawled across the street to a parking lot & resumed plank until the last PAX completed.


From here we moseyed along a path between a couple of scenic ponds & past the gazebo to the path back the meeting point. Passing the gazebo made me wish it was Saturday because with another 15 minutes we could’ve worked in some great stuff at the gazebo. 

Thang 3 – “Trees N Merkins”

There are (10) trees planted roughly 10-15 yards apart along the path from the gazebo to the meeting point. Starting at the 1st tree we did (1) Merkin, moseyed to the next tree & did ascending Merkins until we reached the 10th & final tree (55 Merkins in total).


Once back to the meeting point the PAX found a nice spot on any one of three walls to perform:

  • (20) Box Jumps
  • (20) Dips

We then circled up for some Mary work:

  • (50) LBCs together
  • (20) J-Lows IC
  • Held 6” as called on 3 different PAX to do a 10 count x 2
  • Pickle Pounders on own to close out last minute of WO


It was now 0615 & time for Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, announcements, & intentions. YHC took a moment to thank the PAX for coming out to North Posh giving me the privilege to lead them for 45 minutes of their day. Since starting F3 I regularly get full body beat downs, but the ones that stick out to me the most are when I’ve posted at North Posh for BlackOps. I shared my vision for North Posh, which is for this Monday WO to not only be the hardest thing we’d do today, but the hardest thing we’d do all week. I wanted to challenge the PAX as a group & as individuals to push their limits & abilities. My challenge was for each PAX to turn their BEAST MODE “ON” when they post at North Posh. 


  • Thoughts & prayers for Pope
  • Thoughts & prayers for Abacus & family
  • Thoughts & prayers for Skid

Nino out.

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