Incubator Backblast 6/4/18

QIC: Double Down  15 PAX: Crash, Bob Ross, Tool Time, Little Jerry (R), Flounder, Hot Wheels, Retainer, Jitterbug, Glauc, Thumbtack, Aerobie, Donger, Happy Fingers, Forced Close (R), Boozer

COP:  Mosey to the parking lot and reminded HIMs that I was named by CI after the great Double Down sandwich from KFC – 540 calories and 32g of fat.  With the 32 number in mind, we began and I kept the merkin challenge in mind – we finished with a total of 240 merkins:

32 SSHs, 32 merkins

32 Imperial Walkers, 32 merkins

32 Flutter Kicks, 32 merkins

Arm Circles

Thang 1:  Catch Me If You Can

Grab coupons and partner up; Note here that Forced Closed did a great job of creating a line to hand out the coupons – since he hit the “Respect” level last week, he may be getting smarter and nicer in his old age!

Partner 1 two coupon Farmers Walk while partner 2 does 10 burpees; partner 2 then sprints to partner 1 and they switch; go up and back in parking lot; rinse and repeat with 20 merkins with the coupon Farmers Walk and another time with 30 squats and coupon Farmers Walk.

Thang 2: Quarter Pounder (stole this from Wham! Sounded good reading it, challenging to complete it!

Sprint about 25 yards, 25 merkins

Sprint 25 yards, 50 squats

Sprint 50 yards, 75 mountain climbers

Sprint 50 yards, 100 SSHs

Sprint 50 yards back

Thang 3:  Jack Webb

1 Merkin, 4 Air Presses, 2 Merkins, 8 Presses, up to 10 Merkins and 40 Air Presses; Thanks to Glauc for helping count as DD was getting winded

Mosey back to the flags

Finished with Mary:  20 LBCs, 20 Gas Pumps, 20 Merkins, 20 Big Boy Sit ups; and Little Jerry finished us off with some amount of Merkins (can’t remember!).

COT – intentions were made and makes me realize how lucky we are to do this; Gave thanks to the PAX and sincere thanks for helping me lead the morning with them!

– Double Down



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