Backblast 11/7/18 @ The Bridge

Q: Double Down  PAX (12):  Ladybird, Mr. Kotter, Bulletin, Mamas Boy, Big Bird, Deep Dish, Ice Man, Star Child, Gypsy, Huggies, Dynomite Jitterbug Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Have not been feeling well.  Appreciate the many well wishes I have received. COP:  SSHs, Grass grabbers, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Bobby Hurleys Thang 1:Continue reading “Backblast 11/7/18 @ The Bridge”

Backblast – The Bridge 10/10/18

The weather is changing and the PAX was ready for what could be the last 70 plus degree morning for a while.  20 PAX came ready and we began the morning by wishing Red Roof a happy birthday (late by a day but it’s the thought that counts!).  Disclaimer followed and we moseyed to theContinue reading “Backblast – The Bridge 10/10/18”

8/4 Backblast – @theRuiner

  Q: Double Down  PAX: Diablo, Captain Insane-O, Forced Close, Vincent, Catfish, Digiorno.  Burned some calories to get ready for the KY State Fair! COP:  SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, Mountain Climbers, Merkins Thang 1:  Moseyed to field to grab some coupons to find out there are no coupons…modify to partner up.  Partner 1 –Continue reading “8/4 Backblast – @theRuiner”

Incubator Backblast 6/4/18

QIC: Double Down  15 PAX: Crash, Bob Ross, Tool Time, Little Jerry (R), Flounder, Hot Wheels, Retainer, Jitterbug, Glauc, Thumbtack, Aerobie, Donger, Happy Fingers, Forced Close (R), Boozer COP:  Mosey to the parking lot and reminded HIMs that I was named by CI after the great Double Down sandwich from KFC – 540 calories andContinue reading “Incubator Backblast 6/4/18”

6/4/18 Pre-Blast – The Incubator #poshlands #oneyear

Join me in celebrating my one-year anniversary with this great group.  Did you know CI named me after that awesome KFC sandwich “Double Down” since at one time I worked at KFC?  A nutritional masterpiece with two pieces of fried chicken, bacon, cheese and some type of sauce – 540 calories, 32 g of fat and aContinue reading “6/4/18 Pre-Blast – The Incubator #poshlands #oneyear”

Backblast 2/10/18 – @MayanRuins @Playa del Carmen #toomuchtequila

; QIC: Double Down  PAX:  Forced Close, Bull Rider.  Weather:  Sunny 82 degrees; head hazy from tequila shots. On vacation the last week in Playa del Carmen to celebrate Forced Closed Bday – awesome week with six couples.  Met in lobby of hotel, said “hola” and moseyed out the door before we could turn back.Continue reading “Backblast 2/10/18 – @MayanRuins @Playa del Carmen #toomuchtequila”

Back Blast #TheO #Ruiner – Saturday, 2/3/18 – Double Down Super Bowl Q

Q: Double Down – A perfect morning for football!  I wore my vintage #14 Steve Grogan jersey – showing my age as many HIMs probably don’t know who Grogan is!  PAX: (17)  CI, Bean Counter, Old Bay, Zartan, Cutlass, Face, Wham!, Mayberry, OJ, Little Jerry, Trump, Diablo, Tron, Nugget, Red Roof, Scratch. The start of a longContinue reading “Back Blast #TheO #Ruiner – Saturday, 2/3/18 – Double Down Super Bowl Q”

2/2 Backblast – Ruck at The Posh #Fog

Q:  Steamer & Tool Time.  Steamer, Tool Time, Wingnut, Little Jerry and Double Down rucked the Posh to see if they could find the Groundhog.  The day before, Steamer and Tool Time scope the route on their mountain bikes and Steamer was in his house slippers!!  Well done, Steamer. The start for 5am was delayedContinue reading “2/2 Backblast – Ruck at The Posh #Fog”

12/30 DD #theFog Backblast @F3ThePoshlands

Q:  Double Down PAX (7):  Little Jerry (respect), Forced Close, Abacus, Gypsy, Methane, Bob Ross, Double Down (respect) Conditions:  27*, 75% humidity, Wind NW 12mph so felt like 17*; Poshland heaters made for ideal conditions Mosey around the parking lot to get the blood moving COP 30 SSHs, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 merkins, arm circles,Continue reading “12/30 DD #theFog Backblast @F3ThePoshlands”

PreBlast at the Poshlands: Auld Lang Syne – #FinishYearStrong #GetBetter

What does Auld Lang Syne mean anyway?  Come find out as we bid farewell to 2017 and have one final beatdown of the year.  Double Down will have the heated pavement working at the Poshlands as the grounds crew is installing an underground heating system. #noexcuses #finishyearstrong

#F3 Backblast: Bermuda Triangle

QIC: Double Down:  17 HIMs posted at the #incubator this morning:  Bobross, Eastwood, The Hammer, Nugget, The Professor, Little Jerry, Fro, Glaucoma, Little Smokey, Zartan, Tooltime, Pope, Gypsy, Methane, Preacher and Rhythm Began with warm up: 20 side straddle hops, 20 imperial walkers, 15 American hammers, 15 Plank Jacks, 15 rosalitas, 15 LBCs, 15 dollys,Continue reading “#F3 Backblast: Bermuda Triangle”

Back Blast: House of Cards

VQIC: Double Down 22 Pax:  Bull Rider, Force Close, Nugget, Nomo, Glauc, Joe Boo, Fro, Methane, Flea, Bob Ross, Tool Time, Wham, Gypsy, Zartan, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Odie, Preacher, Rhythm, Decter, Star Child “Ante” Up with warm up on Egg Lawn:  21 Side Straddle Hops, 11 Merkins, 21 LBCs, 11 Rosalitas, 21 Squats, 11Continue reading “Back Blast: House of Cards”