Back Blast 7.15 – The Bridge @ The Poshlands

Another great morning at the Posh and was glad to see the HIMs ready to go.  PAX (10): Huggies, Nino, Dynomite!, Stick Up, Little Jerry (R), Bob Ross, Mr Kotter, Dry Rub, Nice N Slow, Double Down (R) (Q)

Weather was steamy as we moseyed a short distance to the lot for the COP:  SSH, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog & Runner’s Stretch, Plank Jacks, Arm Circles.

NOTE:  Diapers in the parking lot as we circled up.  You would think we would have moved far away but, no, we just did our thing in true HIM fashion and got to work.

I am not a fan of running but the only way to get better is to…you guessed it…run.  So, we moseyed at a good clip to the rock bridge.  The women’s group was also running and with Bob Ross’s advice, we kept going and they went the other way.

Thang 1: B.O.M.B.S – Dora style

50 Burpees     100 Overhead Claps     150 Merkins    200 Big Boys   250 Squats

Partner 1: begins with the burpees while Partner 2 runs to the top of the bridge and so on.  Not much mumble chatter until Mr. Kotter announced he had to head back to hit the boys room…stuff happens and not sure if seeing the diapers contributed to this.

Thang 2: Mosey to The Bridge

Time was moving fast.  25 Carolina Dry Docks; Bernie to the top of the bridge, run down and do 25 more Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey back to the flag.  Had one minute left and banged out some Gas Pumps – a favorite of Little Jerry’s

Announcement about the convergence on Saturday.

Little Jerry mentioned how we ran 3.7 miles which was good for me, considering how much of a fan of running I am.

Intentions made and I thanked each HIM for being there. F3 is a powerful part of my life and truly appreciate each of you.  Words spoken about making a positive impact on others and lead with humility.  Thanks for allowing me to lead today.

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