BB – The Loco @ The County 6.1.21

A beautiful morning with 15 HIMs who joined Little Jerry and me to celebrate our 4-year postiversary as I was humbled to co-Q with LJ who everyone knows is a beast; however, his counting was bit rusty and when he said “right over right” during the COP, it made all of us question what LJ was up to. True to form, he got our heart rates up quickly.

Pax (17): Bob Ross, Asian Zing (R), Abacus, Methane, Holy Roller (R), Jitterbug (R), TimeShare, Red Card, Scatch-n-Dent, My Pleasure, McAfee, Ice Man (R), Lady Bird (R), Captain Insane-O, Hush Puppy, Little Jerry (R) (Q), Double Down (R) (Q).

Little Jerry gave the disclaimer, provided some “right over right” stretches and then immediately launched into 100 SSHs. He then took no time to hit us with his first Jack Webb: merkins with air presses.

Then, a second Jack Webb: sit-ups – with flutter kicks.

Much to everyone’s surprise, LJ did stationary items – this was only due to LJ having hamstring injuries and, of course, LJ was still out giving it his all but, he needs to lay off the running for a week to heal up.

I took the group on a short mosey and we then we did a ladder. Partner up and:

50 burpees, 100 lunges, 150 4-ct mountain climbers and 200 squats – while partner 1 was doing his thing, partner 2 would run to the island and Bernie back.

This was followed by an Indian Run around the island and we finished with a gas pumps.

LJ and I appreciate the support and starting off the day with you. McAfee reminded us of the importance of reaching out to any one of us if we are dealing with any problems as the mental health issues facing so many today is not to be taken alone. Thanks, McAfee, for this reminder.

I want to express my thanks for 4 years of F3 as it’s enhanced my life in so many ways. HIMs I can count on and have given me prayers and strength to overcome obstacles. Much thanks to Captain Insane-O for getting me into this and for his terrific friendship. Thanks, also, to LJ who pushes me and drives me each day.

Love this group and cheers to another 4 years of F3!

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