Backblast 2/10/18 – @MayanRuins @Playa del Carmen #toomuchtequila

; Mayan Ruins

QIC: Double Down  PAX:  Forced Close, Bull Rider.  Weather:  Sunny 82 degrees; head hazy from tequila shots.

On vacation the last week in Playa del Carmen to celebrate Forced Closed Bday – awesome week with six couples.  Met in lobby of hotel, said “hola” and moseyed out the door before we could turn back.


15 each:  SSHs, merkins, imperial walkers, abe begodas, grass grabbers, mountain climbers

Thang 1:  Jogged and every 10 palm trees completed one of the following:  plank jacks, merkins, gas pumps, scissor kicks, lunges, squats

Thang 2:  Make way to Mayan Ruin area – AMRAP:  step ups, thrusters using rocks (bull rider disrupted the ruins – don’t think we were supposed to touch the rocks!), dips – 2 rounds.  Then, decline presses, curls, steps ups – 2 rounds.

Thang 3:  Jogged back every 10 palm trees with exercises as before

Can’t remember everything – completed over an hour and headed to pool bar!  AWESOME trip!

COT:  gave thanks for beautiful weather, tequila and cerveza!

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