BB 6.17.21 – The Agony at The County

I had the honor of Qing for Little Jerry who has an injury. The PAX gave him a “Get Well” card as we missed him in the gloom. PAX , (9 plus runners): Dauber, Brown Water, Lady Bird (R), DeVitto, Big Bird, Abacus, Gisele, Jerry McGuire, PK, Pelican, Airplane, Meter Maid, Hush Puppy, Double Down (R) (Q)

Gave a disclaimer and the runners went off to do their thing and the 9 PAX moseyed to the upper lot for the COP: SSHs, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog, Merkins. Moseyed back to the main lot and grabbed our coupons.

Thang 1: Farmer’s Carry – run with coupon around the far island and back

Thang 2: Partner up AMRAP: Partner 1: Derkins; Partner 2: Bernie to island and back. Switch. When get done, plank for the six. Then, switch partners and switching partners between each exercise – get a chance to partner with everyone. Next exercises: Chest Press and Mario. Then, Big Boys and Lunges. Then, Thrusters and Run. Then, Man Makers and Run.

Thang 3: Round of 7’s: 1 Merkin, 6 Burpees; 2 Merkins, 5 Burpees, etc.

Thang 4: Cherokee Run around the islands

Thang 5: Mary – went around as the Pax called out – Flutter Kicks, some Bird exercise that DeVitto called and Hushy Puppy started swimming, Gas Pumps, Big Boys, and Heart Breakers.

COT: Announcements: DeVitto will post on slack about donating furniture to support men getting back on their feet. Sounds like a great cause to support. Big Bird is needing volunteers to help on July 17th for the St. Al’s picnic – he will post more details on slack. We said intentions for Husky, Hushy Puppy’s father and for Little Jerry. LJ is a beast and hoping he will be back to the gloom soon! Proud to have let today in LJ’s place and appreciate the HIM’s that came out today. Let’s make it a great day!

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