BB 6.16 Gisele – Foundry at the County

This weather has been awesome this week. I forgot about this Q until Monday night. It was on my calendar but work has kept me busy. It wasn’t until I made sure my Thursday’s were booked that I realized I had the chance to lead. 6.16 is an important day. Yes it is the birthday of TuPac and I am still looking forward to when he comes out of retirement more one last tour. More importantly for all you thrill seekers it is also the birthday or the first Rollercoaster in the US. Throwing it back to 1884 the switchback railway welcomed Coney Island visitors. Pretty proud that I can outrun this blistering 6mph coaster, according to the Mt Mercy speed enforcement.

9 were amped up and ready as the runners group peeled away. We did a very short quick mosey with a few low intensity exercises. First things first we tested trivia with a little high low. It has me giving out questions based on the switchback. If you guessed right only 5 Squats, if you were wrong 3 man makers. Pretty sure holy roller got them all right but did man makers anyways. The main thang was all based on a roller coaster. Kicking of with the Ohio Players with Roller Coaster of love by the Ohio players we stayed with 10- Curls, Bench Press, Over Head Press, Bent Over Rows, LBCs and Squats. Short Mosey and come on back repeat but this time doing 40 of each, onto 20, 50, 20, 40 to mimic the roller coaster. Zing questioned my roller coaster abilities and yeah he was right. 6:15 quickly came and we circled up. COR and NOR with some announcements and intentions. Little Jerry is healing from a torn meniscus, Double Down with the step up to cover his Qs. Holy Roller with a Q Thursday as well. Intentions were had with some ball of man and a close out. If I didn’t have the Q I would have fart sacked. I would have blamed Zing as I was eating BWW at 10pm but made it out and better as a result. Until the next time I am on a magazine cover – Gisele


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