BB: Gisele 3yr Postiversary Q: Nest @ The County

On this cold January day in County, 1/8/22, Icy roads, frozen flags and 12 degrees on the dash. 7am and I was surrounded with some of my closest brothers in this journey of life. On this day I celebrated my 3 year Postiversary. December 2018 I was extremely overweight, struggled to breath, couldn’t tie myContinue reading “BB: Gisele 3yr Postiversary Q: Nest @ The County”

PB: 3 yr postiversary Gisele Q Nest @ The County

3 years ago I was the definition of a sad clown. 326 lbs, ate Fast Food Daily, struggled to tie my shoes. LePew was relentless in his pursuit to turn my frown upside down. Here we are 2022 and The boys in the gloom be waking up with some Gisele. Be ready to climb withContinue reading “PB: 3 yr postiversary Gisele Q Nest @ The County”

BB: Octodad (VQ) & Gisele (CoQ) Agony at the County 8/5

Thursday the 5th of August 2021. Let the history books show greatness with a Octodad and Gisele tag team CO-Q. Due to some potential lawlessness in the OC last night G was nearly late but Octo was ready. Disclaimer was given and Octo lead the PAX to the top of the school lot. Holy RollerContinue reading “BB: Octodad (VQ) & Gisele (CoQ) Agony at the County 8/5”

PB: 8/5 Gisele & Octodad(VQ) COQ Agony @ The County

Party-people! Yeah, Tag Team music in full effect!That’s me – The dad of Octo, and Gisele runway walk’n! We’re kickin’ the flow! And it goes a little something like this! Bring your gloves and that coupon yeah it’s a ladder were gonna be on – yo I hope you know this song! At 5:30 we’reContinue reading “PB: 8/5 Gisele & Octodad(VQ) COQ Agony @ The County”

BB 6.16 Gisele – Foundry at the County

This weather has been awesome this week. I forgot about this Q until Monday night. It was on my calendar but work has kept me busy. It wasn’t until I made sure my Thursday’s were booked that I realized I had the chance to lead. 6.16 is an important day. Yes it is the birthdayContinue reading “BB 6.16 Gisele – Foundry at the County”