BB: 12/9 Agony at the County Gisele/Focker Q

It has been a while since I had a Q at the Foundry and with it being Mashup week and it being a heavy Focker was the only choice for a tag team partner. PAX: Colonel Klink, GQ, Pelican, Brown Water, Devitto, Tidwell, Holy Roller R, Hush Puppy, Cartman, Wildflower, Brown Tail, Back flop, Gisele-Q,Continue reading “BB: 12/9 Agony at the County Gisele/Focker Q”

BB: Gisele Q the Nest at the County 9.12.20

I believe most of us were sleep deprived when we awoke on 9/12/01.  Nineteen years ago, I was a sophomore at Worcester State University. The attacks on America really shook me. The campus was closed, and this young, naive, careless student quickly turned scared, anxious and curious. As the hours and days unfolded people, IContinue reading “BB: Gisele Q the Nest at the County 9.12.20”

Backblast Agony @The County 8/6/2020 Asian Zing Q

Backblast @The County 8/6/2020 Asian Zing Q Pax: Dauber, pew pew,  Metermaid, LePew, Cochran, Backflop, Tedwell, Jitterbug, Cousin Eddy, Gisele, Jerry McGuire, Whiskers, Uncle Rico, Fruitose, Cartman, Little Jerry, launch Pad, Double down, Devito Weather- nice cool 64 Disclaimer was announced followed by a short mosey COP: 20 SSH 12 grass grabbers 15 toy SoldiersContinue reading “Backblast Agony @The County 8/6/2020 Asian Zing Q”

BB: Gisele Q Planetarium @ the Boondocks

7 Pax Holy Roller (R), Brown Water, Bulletin (R), Fouker, Back Flop, Wildflower, Gisele (Q) Weather: 68, sticky and damp Disclaimer was given and off we went on a Mosey to the back of the grounds. SSH, Grass Grabbers, Kendrick Newman, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog to get some good stretching in. After that we moseyedContinue reading “BB: Gisele Q Planetarium @ the Boondocks”

BB: Gisele VQ @ Plesantville

I spin you right round…. running circles. 13 Pax Cratchit, Holy Roller (R), Brown Water, Harbaugh, Bulletin (R), LePew, Colonel Clink, Potter, Jolly Rancher, Handbook, Viking, Meter Maid,  Gisele (Q) Weather: 68 clear with the sun rising Disclaimer was given and an overview of the day as the last of the Pax showed. Started offContinue reading “BB: Gisele VQ @ Plesantville”

BB: Father’s Day Weekend Gisele Q at the County

27 Pax of Sweat including 12 2.0s: Duffer 2.0, Muscle Milk 2.0 (FNG), Dauber, Brick 2.0, Joe Dirt 2.0 FNG, Hush Puppy, Whoppie, Overflow, Jolly Rancher, Boozier, Asian Zing (R), Gilligan, Bulletin (R), Soaper Soaker 2.0, Backflop, Squirt Gun 2.0 (FNG), Alexa, Echo 2.0, Primetime 2.0, Ride Rider 2.0, Pelican, Cratchit, Tiny Time 2.0, FertileContinue reading “BB: Father’s Day Weekend Gisele Q at the County”

BB: 2/20/20 The Inferno at the Station

5 Pax blazing in the Inferno: Capt. Crunch Berries, Gilligan, Brown Water, Meter Maid, Gisele (Q)Weather: 32 degrees clear with a slightly chilling breezeDisclaimer was given: that I am not a professional, anything I say and do is merely a suggestion, we have some nursing injuries so please modify as needed.Quick Mosey for some COPCOP:GrassContinue reading “BB: 2/20/20 The Inferno at the Station”

BB: 1/4 – 1 Year Postiversary Gisele @ The Nest

Never under estimate your potential! What a difference a year makes! Last year (2018) I was lazy, ambiguous and overweight. Today I am inspired, lighter, focused and a little sore. For today was my one year Postiversary. I never thought that after my first work out of nearly splashing merlot and being unable to walkContinue reading “BB: 1/4 – 1 Year Postiversary Gisele @ The Nest”

PB 1/4: Gisele 1 Year Postversary Q @ The Nest

It has been 1 year of life changes for myself and family. 75 pounds shed but I am craving for more. The NFL playoffs start today with Wild Card weekend so we will be doing the same at the Nest. The card you pull determines how wild things can get. Not used to playing untilContinue reading “PB 1/4: Gisele 1 Year Postversary Q @ The Nest”