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Q: Double Down  PAX: Diablo, Captain Insane-O, Forced Close, Vincent, Catfish, Digiorno.  Burned some calories to get ready for the KY State Fair!

COP:  SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, Mountain Climbers, Merkins

Thang 1:  Moseyed to field to grab some coupons to find out there are no coupons…modify to partner up.  Partner 1 – begins doing as many merkins as possible while Partner 2 runs to opposite side of field, does 5 burpees and runs back.  Switch and once they complete 200 merkins, they do the same with 200 LBCs and then 200 squats.

Thang 2:  Sets of steps ups, inclined merkins – some did a tougher decline merkin and dips

Thang 3:  Run 3 light posts and complete various exercises at each light post

Thang 4:  Mary work:  each person chose a favorite for the group to complete

COT:  Circled up and gave thanks for a terrific morning.  Gave intention to Vince, Abacus’ M and others.  Shared Make-A-Wish event I attended Friday night and how the strength of the kids and families were inspirational.  Thankful for a great group of guys to workout with – F3 is something special!



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