Back Blast: House of Cards

VQIC: Double Down

22 Pax:  Bull Rider, Force Close, Nugget, Nomo, Glauc, Joe Boo, Fro, Methane, Flea, Bob Ross, Tool Time, Wham, Gypsy, Zartan, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Odie, Preacher, Rhythm, Decter, Star Child

“Ante” Up with warm up on Egg Lawn:  21 Side Straddle Hops, 11 Merkins, 21 LBCs, 11 Rosalitas, 21 Squats, 11 Imperial Walkers in cadence

Short mosey over to another area of the Egg Lawn to “Roll the Dice”:  4 groups at 4 stations: stations were merkins, LBCs, Burpees and Squats.  Set 1: “lucky 7” reps at each station; Set 2: “lucky 11” reps; Set 3: “blackjack – 21 reps” of each – feeling good now…

Line up for “Pick a Card” – pick card from deck of cards with Aces = 14 reps, Kings = 13 and so on; pick a joker and the reps double.  First card out of the pile was an Ace so 14 reps of merkins; next, King so 13 reps of Freddie Mercurys; next, Joker with next card a 10 so 20 reps of burpees…kept going for a few more cards…

“King of Hearts” came next – sets of sprints from cone to cone with lunges, backward run, karaoke run, bear crawl and a few other fun exercises…

Next, Indian Run around the lawn with a finish with some additional exercises to close down the casino…I was out of chips!  Great job by the Pax!

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