Backblast: 2 Women join @F3Louisville and Kick the Pax’s A$$ #templeofgloom #getbetter #F3Counts

QIC: Captain  Insane-o (YHC)

Pax (27):  Jordy, Cutlass, Newman, Diablo, Moonlight, Breadtruck, Tron, Double Down, Nugget, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Backdraft, Quimby, Spinal Tap, Old Bay, Tiger, Marcia, Zoolander, Country Boy, Gepetto, Methane, Kidnapper Van, Screech, Wilson, Zartan, Mouth, CI

YHC (CI) had two sets planned depending on Pax majority vote: themes of Women or Money.  Here’s what went down:


20 SSHs IC
20 arm circles IC
15 windmills IC
20 Mountain Climbers IC
15 Planks Jacks IC

The Thang:

The Pax got a choice of workout (I had two in the bag), but all they knew was the theme. They picked Women by a sizable majority. I was happy. That’s what I wanted them to pick. Money would have been good (it was a face melter, too), but this was a total change up. Can’t tell if Zartan or Little Jerry whipped votes or what.

First set: Killer Mary

I did my best imitation of Tony Horton and ran the Pax through a modified Ab Ripper X.  YHC had a tough time counting, and the mumble chatter was at an all time low. All of these on a single count 20 unless noted:

Gas Pump
Seated Crunchy Frog
Crossed Leg / Wide Leg Sit-Up
Fifer Scissor
Hip Rock’N Raise
Freddie Mercuries
Pulse-up (Heels to Heaven)
Roll-up / V-Up Combo
Oblique V-Up
Leg Climb
America Hammers
Rosalitas (40 count)
Flutters (on Zartans 15 count)

I think there was a 10 count in there somewhere and maybe a 5 count to catch breath.  I can’t wait to see the Pax on Saturday.  This one is a creeper; they’ll feel it by tomorrow in the “quad”.

Then, I introduced the Pax to Nicole. Pull-ups to failure, 400mm hard run.  We did this on repeato for 21 minutes. Nicole is no joke.

Plank until all Pax finishes.  Not a lot of mumblechatter at all.  We’ll do Money another time.

We ended with the COT and Name-o-Rama.  Double Down called 6 and explained that he’s named after a terrible sandwich. Some tough situations/intentions were explained for everyone to keep in their thoughts and prayers. We ended in the BOM with YHC asking all to treat each other how you want to be treated.

Off to conquer another day. Thanks to the Pax for letting me lead today.

Extra credit to Jordy who did the whole thing weighted (and for having a Velcro name tag). Marcia seems more comfortable with his name, and Tclaps to Nugget and Methane going for the Highlander (5 posts all AOs in a week).  Also, tclaps to Zoolander who’s fleet of foot; he didn’t know but he was pacing me hard on the 4hundies.  Great job to the entire Pax.  Gepetto, I hope you can talk by now.

If you got this far, tclaps. You should listen to this great podcast about F3 that explains the why and how:  Podcast Link

Quimby’s up Saturday. I’m out to pay the bills.
























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