The Bridge Backblast 6/27/18


(20) PAX & (2) FNG: Gypsy, Methane, Propane, Forced Close (R), Nice & Slow, Huggies, Wildflower, Star Child, Little Jerry (R), Valdez, Kiwi (FNG), Jitterbug (R), Retainer, Pork Chop, Ashley, Fanny Pack (R), Tool Time, Mr. Hat, Dynomite, Maxi, McAfee, Nino (QIC)

Weather: 67 degrees & clear with 100% humidity

Gear: Black Nike Dri-Fit tank, grey Nike shorts, Black & Neon Yellow Nike hat, & some grey Reeboks (picked these up yesterday for $35, the first pair of Reeboks I’ve owned since I the Reebok Pumps when I was 8 years old, which are pictured above for any PAX born after 1985). 

We circled up, I gave the disclaimer, & we were off on a mosey doing some high knees/butt kicks as we headed over to the parking lot next to where The Posh coupons are stored. Once to the parking lot we circled up to get the heart rate going. 


  • Forward & Reverse Arm Circles
  • (20) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (20) Imperial Walkers IC
  • (15) Time Warps IC (1 Long Jump forward followed by 3 Backward Hops)

The PAX then counted off in twos, the “1s” grabbed a coupon & we all moseyed over to The Bridge. All of the “1s” lined up on one side of the street, the “2s” on the other, & then partnered up with someone across them for the Thang.

The Thang

PAX 1 – Suicide over The Bridge

  • Lunges to 1st cone & runs back to start
  • Bear Crawls to 2nd cone & runs back to start
  • Super Marios to 3rd cone & runs back to start
  • Bernie Sanders to 4th cone & runs back to start
  • Upon returning to the start after each cone, PAX yelled to their partner to let them know to switch to the next exercise

PAX 2 – Stationary

  • Did as many Bicep Curls as possible until PAX 1 gets back from 1st cone
  • Did as many Groiners as possible until PAX 1 gets back from 2nd cone
  • Did as many Burpees as possible until PAX 1 gets back from 3rd cone
  • Did as many McAfees as possible until PAX 1 gets back from 4th cone
    • (A McAfee: starting out in plank position on a coupon, do a Merkin on the coupon, proceed into a lower squat position, grab the coupon, & go into a deadlift motion finishing with an overhead press)
  • PAX 1 & PAX 2 Alternate
  • Each PAX completed 2.5 Rounds (due to time the 3rd Round was modified to only doing the excercices that correlated with the first 2 cones).
  • As PAX completed the 2.5 Rounds they were to perform Quick Feet/Plank Jacks/Seal Jacks until all PAX were finished.

Once all the PAX were finished, the “2s” grabbed the coupons & we all headed back to the parking lot to put the coupons back. With the coupons back in their place we moseyed back to the meeting point for some Mary work. 


Round 1

  • (30) LBCs IC
  • (30) Bicycle Crunches IC 
  • (30) Flutter Kicks IC
  • (30) J-Lows IC
  • (50) American Hammers IC

Round 2

  • (20) LBCs IC
  • (20) Bicycle Crunches IC 
  • (20) Flutter Kicks IC
  • (20) J-Lows IC
  • (20) American Hammers IC

By this point it was exactly 0615 so we circled up around the flag for Count-O-Rama & Name-O-Rama.


  • Huggies has the Q for The Bridge on 7/4/18, the time is modified from 0700-0800.
  • Pope Convergence is scheduled for 7/28/18.


  • Thoughts & prayers for Double Down’s M who is having back surgery today.
  • Thoughts & prayers for Abacus’s M & family.
  • Thoughts & prayers for Weedwacker, Vince, & family. 

Finished by thanking the Sky Q for another day, for the opportunity to lead these HIMS for 45 minutes of their day, & asked for the strength/courage to be leaders in our homes, workplace, & community. McAfee challenged each of us to show some extra love/support to the M in our life who holds us up even when we probably don’t deserve it.

Got better, it’s more than a workout.

Nino out.

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