I took a break from Q’ing (and a vacation), and now I’m back ready to make friends and influence people by forcing them to do horrible things early in the morning.

You should come tomorrow.  All you need is that “Can Do Attitude” you always have (and normal gear, like shorts at least.  You may want gloves, but don’t necessarily need them).

I’m bringing a bat, a nine-sided die, 3rd grade math skills and a set we did a while back when it was cold (but there were only 11 of us there, so no one really remembers).  Some new stuff we’ve never done and one older things a few of us have done.  Should be strong to quite strong.

So come one, come all.  Or don’t.  In fact, Abacus (Shelby Co.), Kilo (Agony), Grinder (Temple of Gloom) are great options, too.  Only one bad choice and that’s not going at all.

Hope to syitg.




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