Team 10/ Steak Knives 6/22 Capture the Flag BackBlast

0E70B82E-0719-4C6B-BF73-A57C5773537C.jpegBackblast was ready, worked on it for 45 minutes and then it was gone. Not sure what the hell happened, but I’m out of time—so this is condensed version from team 10/ Steak Knives (without all of the pictures)

Pax: Glen Ross, Catfish, Little Jerry, Grinder (VR) & Sandy—our 30lb friend

Conditions: Slight rain at the start, cleared up and was a perfect night for rucking

Gear: All four had the correct amount of weight—team 10 plays by the rules. See rule 7.1, page 2 (yes—this is for team 9)

Great team, all really good HIM. Was excited for the night, although my wife and a few others tried their best to shame/ embarrass me for wanting to “play capture the flag with my backpack on”

We met up at the Rite Aid on Brownsboro Rd, which cut our section in half. We briefly discussed whether to move the flag inside 42 or outside. Thinking that a few others would move theirs closer to the ending point, we settled on Elmwood—just ½ mile from Molly’s.

We got started at 8—actually the first team to send in their location and quickly marked the other 9. A few takeaways from the start:

  1. Wow—every team went pretty fair out in their sections
  2. I know the Pax has trouble counting at workouts, but using markers too?
  3. This is going to be a lot of fun


We quickly looked at the other flag locations and decided to try and get 9,8,7,6 and possibly 5.

So we headed up Chenoweth and made our way to Crescent Hill

  1. Everyone knows Little Jerry aka LJ is fast, but did you know he’s faster than a speeding train? Wish I had my phone out to get video of LJ running in front of the crossing just in time—we didn’t make it
  2. Walking down Frankfort Ave was the first of many F3 sightings throughout the night. Cardinal and his family yelling out the window as the passed by. Another F3 cheer as we rucked by FABD.
  3. Made our way to Mary T—where we spent the next 20 minutes cursing team 9. See rule 7.1, page 2, where it clearly states all flags must be clearly visible.

With a txt from Mad Cow, we located the flag and crossed over into section 8. Quickly located their flag, as it was exactly where they marked it………………………thank you team 8


From here we made our way across Lexington Ave and moved towards the park. Along the way, we ran into team 5 (StarChild, Thumbtack, Zima, and Snowman). It was nice to see another group out as I was a bit concerned that this might have been one giant joke and we would be the only ones out here with everyone else back at Molly’s drinking beer. So into the park and locating team 7. This one was hard too. Not only as it was getting darker, but the picture that this team sent was really bad. Blurry, and one giant smudge mark—I wondered if team captain was ok, as it looked like whoever took this photo was having a seizure.

Catfish took over navigational duties for the next hour and we made our way through the park and out along Cannons Lane. It was now completely dark, closer to 10pm and we wanted to get the flag over at Bowman Field (6), hit the one on Breck (5) and take Breck all the way up to Mollys. While walking up Cannons, we had several more people yell out to us “did you get the flag” hey, this guy looked like Mayberry—anybody seen him lately?

Team 6 placed their flag in the very back section near Bowman Field. It was harder than we thought to get to, but was a very cool spot. Again, although difficult to get to, it was marked perfectly and loved the location. We had no idea there was a bar back there. In hindsight, we should have taken off our rucks here and drank a few beers. But with just 40 minutes until 11pm, we made our way back to Molly’s—ditching the plan to get flag #5.

It was also at this time when Gypsy and Newman come running by us. What the heck are they doing? With no rucks on, we thought maybe a few guys signed up to do this as a running challenge………………

So at this point, our friend Sandy, has worn out his welcome and we were all ready to get back to Mollys. It was also at this time that we realized that we would be DQ’d for not making it back in time. Section 6’s flag just pulled us out much farther than we thought and it was a nearly 3 miles from Molly’s. We the finish in sight we spent the next 40 minutes doing what you do when rucking—a lot of chatting, getting to know the guys and we all had a good time. Also, this was Grinder’s VQ. I was surprised earlier in the week when I asked him to join the team when he said he’s never rucked before. I was glad he joined us and what a VQ! We entered Molly’s at 11:20, and traveled 10.95 miles. I was smoked, looking for water and beer. A few final takeaways:

  1. You are never too old to play capture the flag!
  2. Respect to all those that got back up on Saturday morning and posted for workouts!
  3. Thank you CI and Kilo—great job/ idea/ very well organized (left many asking when’s the next one)!
  4. Get out and ruck more—it was fun getting to know LJ, Catfish and Grinder
  5. Most importantly—it was great to be a part of something much more significant than a ruck. Helping out one of our own/ Weedwacker, his family and most importantly Vince. Keep fighting Vince!


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