The Tank (6/27/18) – Back Blast

The Tank, Veterans Memorial Park, 6/27/18 0530-0615

QIC:  Red Roof

PAX (11):  Weed Wacker, Peekaboo, Crash, Aerobie, Tony Malito, Vincent, PK, Rhythm, Eastwood, Cutlass, Red Roof

This was YHC’s first trip out to the Tank for a beatdown and I was proud to be able to lead the pax today.  First off, I had no idea how long it would take me to get out there (14 min as it turns out) so I was way early.  If you haven’t been to Veterans Memorial Park you need to try it.  It’s beautiful, well kept (no managed meadows here), and well lit.  Once the renovations are complete it will be even awesomer.

I only had 3 HC’s on Slack so I was a little worried about who might show up for the beatdown, but luckily the J-town boys show up early and often so my fears were alleviated.  Heck there were even pax there at 0520 jumping rope for extra credit!


Mosey around the outside of the parking lot to get the juices flowing a little and circled up after that.  SSH (x20), Copperhead Squats (x20), Merkins (x20), Arm Circles (x20), and SSH (x20)

Thang #1:

There are noine (9) grass planters in the main parking lot.  We started by doing one rep at the first planter, two reps at the second, three at the third, etc. and worked our way up to nine.  First exercise was Carolina Dry Docks.

Next we worked our way back down the ladder going noine back to one of Squats.

Rinse and repeat except instead of Dry Docks, we replaced with Burpees (woof)

Worked our way back down the ladder again with squats.

After a 10 count we cooled down a bit with some Mary:  LBC (x20) and Cutlass called out DaVincents (x20)

Thang #2:

Mosey the long way to the baseball field outfield where everyone lined up at the beginning of the outfield facing out toward the fence.

Round 1 – Lunge walk to the outfield fence, do five merkins, Bernie Sanders Back.

Round 2 – Bear crawl to the outfield fence, mosey back.

Round 3 – Karaoke to the outside fence and back

Round 4 – Crab walk to the fence and mosey back

Round 5 – Mario to the fence, do five merkins, mosey back

Round 6 – Broad jump (x10), then run to the fence, do five merkins, Bernie Sanders back.

Next we moseyed back to the flag for a little Mary and COT.

Mary:  Freddie Mercury’s (x20), Aerobie called Gas Pumps (x20), Tony Malito called Pretzel Crunches (x20)

COT & Moleskin:

Intentions were said and we also asked the Sky Q to help us be positive forces to the world around us today.

It was really fun working out with these HIM’s.  I’m always amazed at all the new faces and the passion our Pax has for this.  It’s been a couple of rough weeks for me, aka life, but getting out there today reminds me why I love F3 so much.  Every day I post it changes my day for the better.

~Red Roof

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