6/9/18 Backblast Pre-Ruck for The Fog


In college I felt like on any given night of the week if I wanted to drink & go out to the bars I could ALWAYS find a fraternity brother who was willing to do the same. Jump ahead 10 years & I feel the same with way this PAX, although slightly modified. On any given morning of the week if I want to get some fitness work in I can ALWAYS find a HIM who is willing to do the same. Brotherhood. On Friday around Hot Wheels put it out there on Slack that he wouldn’t be able to make PK’s beat down at The Fog, but wanted to break in his Rucker 2.0 beforehand. Sure enough 3 PAX were ready to answer the call…

PAX: Hot Wheels, Gypsy, Star Child, & Nino

Conditions: A clear 67 degrees with some slight humidity. 

Time: 0530-0650

Distance: 4.76 miles



In Mile 1 I stepped on a frog 🐸, who is no longer with us. Not much to report in Mile 2. The pace took a dip in Mile 3 when we were Rucking on the path through the woods along Floyd’s Fork. Star Child was not a fan of the early morning spider webs that spread across the path. Never heard so many “GD F*** me” on a Ruck, but it was entertaining. In Mile 4 we regained our composure talking about the process we use with the M to track the schedules of our homes. Mile 5…we came across a gentleman who took his Golden Retriever to the dog park & the good boy wanted NO part of leaving. He was a good boy. 


Would’ve liked to be at a sub 15 minute per mile pace, but we got some extra work in & a lot of 2rdf. Appreciation, although accurate, doesn’t do justice to the brotherhood I experience with this PAX.


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