06.08.18 The Hurt BackBlast – Old Bay, eventually, at the Helm.


As I previously stated, I hadn’t Q’d a Saturday in a while, so I had been tinkering with my weinke (heh-heh) all week. I was jacked for the WO that I came up with, but I slept surprisingly well Friday night. My alarm goes off at 0615, I get up, drop the kids off at the pool, get dressed, and I’m out the door by 0630. I get up to The Mutt to set up, place my good times sound machine, and review my WO. I’m waiting down by the creek in Maryhill for the PAX to arrive. 0645…0655…0700!! Where is everyone? I know I said we were meeting down here in my Pre-Blast, didn’t I? Did EVERYONE go to Nugget’s birthday Q? Shit, I’m gonna make everyone PAY for being late.

OK, almost none of that happened.  Here’s what actually happened:

  • Alarm goes off at 0615.  I get dressed, and lay back in down in bed without knowing it.
  • Phone rings at 0659.  It’s Buschhhhh.  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!  My heart is about to jump out of my chest, but I take a breath and calmly say “Good morning Buschhh, what’s up?”  He replies “Ummm, Old Bay, aren’t you supposed to be the Q this morning?”  To which I reply “Yep.  Totally.  I’ll be right over”
  • I’m so mad at myself!  3 things I hate: Entitlement culture, ketchup on a hotdog, and being late.  I’m already dressed, so I hop in my car and speed up to The Mutt, ignoring those red octagonal signs that suggest you occasionally stop your vehicle.
  • I pull into the parking lot at about 0708, and the boys are already in the yard warming up with DiGiorno.  HIM.  To sneak in, and to be as subtle as possible, I decide to drive right through the circle blaring my horn.  I park, drop my speaker by the coupons, plant my Mutt flag, and sprint back to the circle.  Q juice flowing.
  • Time to own it.  I come up to the circle with arms raised and say “Boys, I deserve every bit of shit that you will give me for being late to my own Q.  Leaders fail, I failed to get here on time, but stay with me and we will have a good start to the day”.  I think Buschhh said something like “Yep, you’re gonna get shit for months over this one”

If you’re still reading this, the WO will be reviewed below.  My point in laying out the events before the WO, is that we have been created by the Sky Q with a tremendous ability to screw things up.  Often.  We need to forgive ourselves and move on.  We need to surround ourselves with men and women that allow us to move on, even encourage us to move on.  We need to never, never, never quit like Churchill said.  You boys are the best.  What we are building with F3 is the best.

PAX 17:  Pepperoni, Country Boy, Geppetto, Bumble Bee, Snowman, Scratch, PED, Left Eye, Nomar, Buschhhh, Tiger, Toureen, Wham!, Noxeema Jackson, Wham-O, Digiorno, Old Bay (QIC).

COP:  A bunch of stuff and things that Digiorno led.  QIC was not present.  See paragraph 1.

Thang 1:  Head over to the coupon garden from the Portico.  Your mode of travel:  Burpee Bearcrawl.  1 Burpee, 10 bearcrawl steps, repeat until you are to the coupons.  Woof.

Thang 2:  Everyone likes AC/DC, right?  On your 6, with your coupon.  THUNDERSTRUCK plays.  Every time you hear Thunderstruck, full coupon V-Up.  33 V-Ups in 4:30.  Coupon overhead with straight legs off the ground in between.  Eek.

Thang 3:  Hop onto the glorious new walking path, and head over to the hill with your coupon.  Partner up for 4 minute AMRAP circuits.

  • P1 plank on coupons. P2 AYG up the hill, 10 SSH, mosey back down.
  • P1 holding coupon, hop over other coupon.  P2 Bear crawl up hill, 10 SSH, mosey back down.
  • P1 plank on coupons.  P2 Bernie Sanders up hill, 10 SSH, mosey back down.

Thang 4:  Back on the path, pick new partner, head over to large play ground for more circuit work:

  • P1 feet on swings in plank position, bringing knees to chest, crunch style, AMRAP.  P2 with coupon, move counterclockwise around perimeter of the basketball court.  Shuffle right, blockee, run forward, blockee, shuffle left, blockee, Bernie back to start, blockee, relieve P1.  Woof X2.  This sucked.
  • P1 Aussie pull-ups on swings.  P2 same movements around perimeter of basketball court, but without coupon.
  • Final circuit.  P1 swings on the swing set.  I asked everyone to try to remember what it was like to be a little kid swinging on the swing set.  I dare you to do it without smiling.  P2 same movements around perimeter of basketball court, but without coupon.
  • TIME.  Put coupons up and mosey back to the flag

COR, NOR, COT.  Announcements.  Prayers, both spoken and unspoken.  I’m dealing with some things in my life right now, and so is everyone else.  Be kind, always.  We have no idea the battles that someone else is fighting right now.  I’ve already said a lot.  Not sure who is still reading at this point, but I suppose my closing message is to forgive yourself.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  We all screw up.  Get over it.  And set 2 alarms when you Q.

You boys are the best.

~Old Bay


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