09.28 Blender Back Blast – Slow Bay

PAX 25: DiGiorno, Backdraft, Buschhh, Geppetto, Scuba Steve, Fergie, Pepperoni, Hamm, Cutlass, Rih Rih, Cornbread (R), Blue Print, Plumb Bob, Pope, PED, No Show, Big Papi, Trump, Larry Flint, Mouth, Tureen, Fridge, OJ, Old Bay (Q).  My phone sucks, I think I’m forgetting 1 here. Conditions: almost as glorious as the grounds at the Mutt […]

09.28.19 Blender Pre-blast: Slow Bay at the helm of irony

Its a traffic jam, when you’re already late.  A no smoking sign, on your cigarette break.  It’s like 10,000 spoons, when all you need is a knife.  Come out in the gloom tomorrow…cuz you’re livin’ a high-impact life.  Isn’t it ironic?  Donchathink? Yes, I’m a lyrical genius.  Been working on that verse for a few […]

Rooster backblast 08/20/19 – Old Bay at the helm

PAX: 15: Geppetto, Backdraft, Larry Flynt, Windshield, WhamO (R), Zima, Blueprint, Soft Top, Sump Pump, Cowbell, Deuce, Tiger, Waterboy, Star Child, Old Bay (QIC) Conditions: just breathing felt kinda like bring waterboarded. Gear: Yes As I arrived, I saw a few PAX already there.  Is that who I think it is?  Star Child!  Love this […]

Extender back blast 07.25.19 – Old Bay at the helm

PAX (15): Tiger, Loco, Busch, Zima, Deuce, Glen Ross, Cowbell, Blueprint, Fridge, Pepperoni, Wham-O (R), Geppetto, Tureen, Digiorno, Old Bay (Q) Conditions were fantastic, gear was on-point.  Zoolander wasn’t there, but he would have agreed.  Tiger was 5 minutes early.  Say what? My new favorite:  Disclaimer, right into slaughter start of 20 beautiful burpees. Mosey […]

07.16.19 – Bag O’ Wrenches backblast – Old Bay and an encounter with Marilyn

Short on time, let’s get right to it. PAX: 30!! Pope, Hombre (DR from Cherokee – Atlanta?), Digiorno, Buschhh, Tron, Fridge, Pixar, Lobstah, Fergie, Butcher, Paris, Deer Tick, Splinter, Jeter, Cutlass, Wham!, Face, Red Roof, Fall Guy (RR), Trump, Vincent (R), Merlin, Jinxie, Flo Jo , Dynomite, McAfee, Maxi, Gillespie, Pork Chop, Old Bay (QIC). […]

06/04/19 Rooster backblast: Old Bay and some dick named Cooper

PAX: 20.  Larry Flint, Escort, Windshield, Sump Pump, Zima, Hamm, Meatball, Pope, Glen Ross, Cowbell, Buschhh, Deuce, Fridge, Fergie, Pepperoni, Blueprint, Wham-O (R) Snowman, DiGiorno, Old Bay (QIC). Conditions:  Awesome.  Cool and Dry Gear: Nothing exciting.  Asics gel Cumulus.  F3 Louisville buff. Yes I have a sweet buzz cut, a face that writes checks, and […]

06/04 Rooster preblast – Old Bay and his friend Cooper at the Helm

You ever ask “Hey, who is gonna do this thing that needs to be done”?  And then the silence verifies that you are the one that’s now gonna do it? Yeah, me neither. 100% chance of running.  100% chance of getting better.  Gloves are a good idea too. Come get after it with me ITG. […]

05/29/19 – Blender backblast

PAX: 17. Tureen, Nugget, Geppetto, Buschhh, Fridge, Cowbell, Blueprint, Plumb Bob, Vincent (R), Miyagi, FNG Tom Bodett, PED, Snowman, Pepperoni, Tammy Faye Baker, Captain Insane-O, Old Bay (Q) Conditions: 79* and Humid.  Like stupid Humid.  Louisville Humid. 0530, Disclaimer, welcome 1 FNG.  He looks like he can get after it. Mosey around school COP: 20 […]

Rooster 04.16 Backblast – Old Bay returns to the Helm

PAX 15: backedraft, busschbh, deuce, grinder, fridge, blueprint, iceman (R), beano, glen Ross, tiger, yogi, tureen, zima,  cowbell, Old Bay WIC Conditions: perfect Disclaimer given, mosey straight to coupons. Circle up for COP.  Imperial walkers, mountain climbers and stretching. Thang 1: the Motivator.  Side straddle hop progression 10 full, 10 half, 10 legs only, 10 […]

Pre Blast Temple of Gloom 10/11/18 – Old Bay at the Helm

Let’s do some dumb things together tomorrow morning.  We will make  ourselves a little bit faster, a little bit stronger, a little bit handsomer, a little bit better. Defeat the fartsack.  Come get after it  with me ITG at the glorious O.  I’ll be pulling out some old tricks, and we’ll try something new I […]

09.25.18 Rooster backblast. Old Bay at the helm. “It’s 0529, and we are shockingly dry”

PAX 25:  Beano, Larry Flint, Tiger, Sprinkler, Mary Poppins, Windshield, DiGiorno, Peroni, Buschhhh, Daddy’s Girl, Blueprint, Hamm, Deuce, Sump Pump, Mad Cow, CowBell, Fridge, Pink Panther, Noxeema Jackson , Maize, Geppetto, Escort, Plumb Bob, Zima, Old Bay (Q) GEAR:  F3 shirt, 14″ inseam Target shorts from many years ago.  Condor TacHat with DFQ patch.  New […]

08.18.18 Backblast from Shelby County. Old Bay at the Helm.

Short on time this morning, short back blast.  I was pumped to roll out to Bayside to deliver an Old Bay beat down.  I scouted the location on Friday afternoon on my way back from Lexington.  I was getting some strange looks from the staff as I circled the parking lot multiple times.  I decided […]

08.16.18 Extender Back Blast – Old Bay waterboarding…again

2 weeks ago I Q’d the Rooster at the Mutt during a pretty severe thunderstorm.  This morning I Q’d the Extender at the Mutt during a pretty sever thunderstorm.   Truth be told, I was annoyed when I looked out the window this morning.  Was anyone going to come this time?  Would I give the […]