03.08.21 Big Mo Backblast – Old Bay

Short version from Old Bay. Got a lot coming at me today. PAX (10): Whitney (R), Diablo, Yoshi, Handbook, Hot Wheels, Fertle Myrtle, Worm (R), Tony Malito, Motor Boat, Old Bay (Q) Conditions were great. Gear was solid. My good times sound machine was thumpin with Helmet, Rage, Slipknot, and Audioslave I brought out someContinue reading “03.08.21 Big Mo Backblast – Old Bay”

BB 02.27.21 The Hurt at The Mutt with Old Bay

Corporate gave me the keys to the car again this week. Since the M is out of town, I normally would have had a bourbon or 5 last night, and watched Workaholics re-runs until 2 AM…so this morning’s Q gave me a good reason to behave. Several mother Ruckers continue to build the momentum ofContinue reading “BB 02.27.21 The Hurt at The Mutt with Old Bay”

BB 02.24.21 – Old Bay at the Blender

PAX: 16 : Gollum, Pope, Plumb Bob, Handbook, Eto, Ball Boy, Glen Ross, PED, Buschhh (R), Nugget, Tureen, Zima, DiGiorno, Peeping Tom, Flo Jo, Old Bay (Q) Conditions: Sweet Last night, Buschhh said he was looking to get an extra credit mile in before the Blender beat down. So naturally I poured another bourbon andContinue reading “BB 02.24.21 – Old Bay at the Blender”

Rooster at the Mutt 02.26.21 – Old Bay

I’ve totally forgotten how to do this, and it’s kind of a shame. I used to really like writing summaries as a bit of an outlet (I’m a shitty writer), and I enjoyed reading some of the others too. Well, at least the good ones. Imma try to get mo’ better with these. PAX: 12.Continue reading “Rooster at the Mutt 02.26.21 – Old Bay”

The Hurt 11.28.20 @ Mutt with Old Bay

I worked out Thanksgiving morning, and it was awesome. Great WO from Deuce, great fellowship, and it was my son’s first F3 WO. He did pretty good, asked why these WOs were considered “hard”, and then got named XLAX. Caught a TD in Burpee football. Great day, and then as great days go, OB ateContinue reading “The Hurt 11.28.20 @ Mutt with Old Bay”

11.19.20 The Extender at the Mutt. Old Bay at the Helm

PAX 18: Buschhh, Pope, Wham-O (R), Fridge, Backdraft, Cowbell, DiGiorno, Soft Top, Larry Flynt, Ball Boy, Zima, Wham!, Smurfette, Miyagi, Glen Ross, Tiger, Deuce, Old Bay (Q) Mutt Mile: Buschhh, Deuce, Zima, Fridge, Backdraft, DiGiorno 1/2 Mutt Mile: Old Bay I was late to the Mutt Mile. I came out to my car at 0512,Continue reading “11.19.20 The Extender at the Mutt. Old Bay at the Helm”

Whats happening behind the Nerd curtain?

Turns out the trained monkeys in the Comz Q department couldn’t help me with the WordPress machine. I checked all my settings, cookies, dropped VPN, I even said “Jewel is just a stu Garden guy” 3 times and clicked my heels. Ended up powering down, and then powering back up. Nintendo. It appears YHC canContinue reading “Whats happening behind the Nerd curtain?”

Pre Blast – Ruiner at the Original. Old Bay at the helm

Come out at play at the O tomorrow.  I’m trying to think of some dumb things to do.   Weather looks to be a non-issue. I think the coupons are either broken, stolen, or covered in urine, so running shoes and gloves should suffice. Also, we’re gonna try a new Merkin I’ve invented: Kisses, OldContinue reading “Pre Blast – Ruiner at the Original. Old Bay at the helm”

08/08/20 – The Hurt at the Mutt – Old Bay

08/08/20 The Hurt @ Mutt. PAX: Buschhh, Gamer, DiGiorno, Tureen, Windshield, Wham-O (R), Bubbles, Fish Taco, Soft Top, FNG Mayday (?), Glen Ross, No Show, Tiger, Huckstable, Stinger, Loco, Tron, Ronnie, Beaver, Backdraft, Plumb Bob, Sump Pump, Old Bay (Q) COP: 5 BOYOs, 20 SSH, 15 Copperhead Squats, 15 Carolina Dry Docks.  Repeato Thang 1: Continue reading “08/08/20 – The Hurt at the Mutt – Old Bay”

Old Bay at the Mutt 07/09/20

Old Bay recently tweaked his back a smidge.  He also may or may not have started a solo HDHH at 2 PM today. So, tomorrow will be running, interrupted by merkining, squating, stretching, awesoming, shit-talking, and handsoming.  Maybe some other surprises, but no burpeeing or bending. That’s it.  That’s the pre-blast. If this sounds likeContinue reading “Old Bay at the Mutt 07/09/20”

Blender back blast 06/10/20 – Old Bay

PAX 17: Handbook, Larry Flynt, Cowbell, Buschhh, McAfee (weighted), Tin Cup, Glen Ross, Fridge, Fall Guy (R), Noxeema Jackson, Wham!, No Show, Russdiculous, Schyster, Pope, Plumb Bob, Old Bay (Q) Conditions:  72*, a bit humid.  Like, bat-wings humid Disclaimer, and off we go for a quick mosey around the glorious campus of Holy Trinity COP: SlaughterContinue reading “Blender back blast 06/10/20 – Old Bay”

Back Blast – Old Bay back at Seneca 06/06/20 for Da Ruiner

Let’s see if I can remember how to do this back blasty thingamajig. PAX 22: Tron, Glen Ross, Buschh (R), Red Roof, Violet, Vincent (R), Handbook, Russdiculous, Nino, Long Snap, Seabass, Nugget, OJ, Backdraft, Mayberry, DiGiorno, Geppetto, Tureen, Minnow, Nice and Slow, Wham!, Old Bay (Q) Gear:  Target shorts, Target shirt, F3Lou Buff, ASICS GelContinue reading “Back Blast – Old Bay back at Seneca 06/06/20 for Da Ruiner”

03/22/20 – Black Ops Mary T

PAX (5): Old Bay, DiGiorno, Buschhh, Fall Guy, Backdraft Conditions: Sunny and brisk.  Glorious.  Perfect for stealing your neighbor’s no-so-street-legal gator, and driving up to Mary T. COP: Kind of.  SSH, Dog, Stretch, interrupted by some Mother Ruckers.  Digiorno called merkins to scare them off.  Well done men! Thang1: 8 rounds of 8.  8 pull-ups,Continue reading “03/22/20 – Black Ops Mary T”

03/06/20 backblast – Old Bay@ Wisteria in Pleasantville

It’s been a busy week, but last night I finally found time to sketch out my weinke.  Sketchy Weinke, heh heh.  Love this location, and I know a lot of our boys put a lot of work into getting this spot rollin.  I thought I had a good one put together for the typical 8Continue reading “03/06/20 backblast – Old Bay@ Wisteria in Pleasantville”

03/06/20 – Pleasantville PreBlast – Old Bay back at it.

Come on out to see me tomorrow at the prettiest AO in the land.  I’ve been tired lately, and life has been absolutely insane, so I’m sure the WO will be easy.  Probs no running, no burpees, no Merkins…that would be dumb.  We will likely just do some jazzercise and talk about our feelings. SYITG,Continue reading “03/06/20 – Pleasantville PreBlast – Old Bay back at it.”

Backblast 02.18.20 – The Loco @ the County with Old Bay

PAX: 20 : Colonel Klink, Fergie, Crock Pot, Mayhem, Cratchet, Training Wheels, Red Wagon, Focker, Pew Pew, Honey Do, My Pleasure, Pork Chop, Red Card, Mamas Boy, Wildflower, Airplane, Holy Roller, Scratch and Dent, Capt Crunchberry, Old Bay Q Conditions:  “You got a window?  Open it.  It’s hot and wet.  That’s nice if you withContinue reading “Backblast 02.18.20 – The Loco @ the County with Old Bay”

Pre Blast 02.18.20 – the Loco @ County. Old Bay at the Helm

Your boy Old Bay bringin the spice to St Al’s tomorrow!  My goal is to provide Dem County boys with a full body beat down.  Lots of movement and lots of coupons. I hear it never rains at the County.   Even if it does, you only get wet once Come get wrecked, and getContinue reading “Pre Blast 02.18.20 – the Loco @ County. Old Bay at the Helm”

Pre-Blast: January Ruck.  Plumb Bob and Old Bay at the helm

WHO:                   All willing and able PAX WHAT:                 It’s a Ruck.  In January. WHERE:               Start 1149 River Road L KY 40206, Big 4 Bridge parking lot. End 123 W. Main St L KY 40202, Patrick O’Sheas WHEN:                 01/17/20, 8:00 PM hard start.  Arrive early for gear check and stretch.  End 11:00 PM WHY:                    Because we areContinue reading “Pre-Blast: January Ruck.  Plumb Bob and Old Bay at the helm”

Chopper Pre-Blast 01.03.20 – Old Bay at the helm

“Damn, Veteran’s is a fine AO.”  That’s the first thing I said to myself when I pulled into the Park 20 minutes ago to do some quick site recon and take some measurements.  The second thing I said to myself was “Shit.  This will be the first Chopper of the 2020…I better make it aContinue reading “Chopper Pre-Blast 01.03.20 – Old Bay at the helm”

Extender 12/19/19 Backblast, Old Bay at the helm. “That sounded like I ran over something”

PAX (13): Etto, Kilo, Porkchop, Glen Ross, Blueprint, Perfect Form Deuce, Terrible Form Buschhh, PED, Snowman, Softtop, Fergie, Fridge, Old Bay (QIC) Conditions:  Awesome.  Clear, Dry, Cold. Gear: In case Zoolander is reading, 2 top and bottom base layers, adidas joggers, patagonia fleece, stretch balaclava, gray knit hat from Big Lots.  Felt good. COP: 15Continue reading “Extender 12/19/19 Backblast, Old Bay at the helm. “That sounded like I ran over something””

Old Bay Q at the Extender – preblast for 12/19/19.

Well boys, my last Q wasn’t great…I admit it.  It had been a crappy week, and I didn’t prep as much as the men of F3Lou deserve.  Not virtuous leadership. I’m gonna make up for it tomorrow.  Put down your peppermint mochachinolattefrappe, bundle up, and come out and get wrecked with me ITG. We willContinue reading “Old Bay Q at the Extender – preblast for 12/19/19.”

Pre blast 11/09 – Old Bay back at the Helm

I got back from an 8th grade class trip to Appalachia 5 hours ago.   I was punched in the face with perspective.  I will express my gratitude by dealing out pain and suffering tomorrow. You will be outside in the cold for just over an hour.  Bring running shoes, appropriate gear, and a positiveContinue reading “Pre blast 11/09 – Old Bay back at the Helm”

09.28 Blender Back Blast – Slow Bay

PAX 25: DiGiorno, Backdraft, Buschhh, Geppetto, Scuba Steve, Fergie, Pepperoni, Hamm, Cutlass, Rih Rih, Cornbread (R), Blue Print, Plumb Bob, Pope, PED, No Show, Big Papi, Trump, Larry Flint, Mouth, Tureen, Fridge, OJ, Old Bay (Q).  My phone sucks, I think I’m forgetting 1 here. Conditions: almost as glorious as the grounds at the MuttContinue reading “09.28 Blender Back Blast – Slow Bay”

09.28.19 Blender Pre-blast: Slow Bay at the helm of irony

Its a traffic jam, when you’re already late.  A no smoking sign, on your cigarette break.  It’s like 10,000 spoons, when all you need is a knife.  Come out in the gloom tomorrow…cuz you’re livin’ a high-impact life.  Isn’t it ironic?  Donchathink? Yes, I’m a lyrical genius.  Been working on that verse for a fewContinue reading “09.28.19 Blender Pre-blast: Slow Bay at the helm of irony”