Pre-Blast – 06.16.22 – Old Bay back at the O-riginal

Come on out tomorrow to where it all started! Full disclosure: You know I like a 5:31 start, just to annoy certain PAX. We will run the loop (1.2 mi) stopping here and there to do stuff and things. We will do coupon work after that, so bring your coupon. Actually, bring an extra coupon,Continue reading “Pre-Blast – 06.16.22 – Old Bay back at the O-riginal”

5.21.22 – Hurt Preblast – Backdraft and Old Bay Mashup

Tomorrow we OutLIVE cancer with an old school smokefest from your boys at LeMutt. Wear an Outrunning Cancer shirt if you have one, or I will have extras. Neon encouraged. We will honor Lara McGregor, the fallen founder of Hope Scarves. We will honor all the folks who are in the fight, the folks whoContinue reading “5.21.22 – Hurt Preblast – Backdraft and Old Bay Mashup”

02/03/22 – BB – Old Bay at The Original

PAX: 5: Flo Jo, Handbook, Gomer, Harray Carray, Old Bay Q Conditions: Beautiful. Cold and Wet, but not too bad Take coupons to tennis courts. I brought my ruck (30) and sandbag (50). COP: lap, SSH, toy soldiers, IW, squats, dog, runners Thang1: 10 blockees, 20 curls, 30 squats, 40 LBCs, take a lap. Repeat.Continue reading “02/03/22 – BB – Old Bay at The Original”

02/02/22 – BB – OB at the Mutt

PAX: 15 : Unabomber, Wham!, YNot, Fertile Myrtle, Buzzsaw, Backdraft, Glen Ross, Harry Caray, Peeping Tom, OJ, Duckling, Stick Up, Sump Pump (R), Big Bird, Old Bay – Q Conditions: Beautiful, as always. A smidge of rain. COP: Lap, grab coupons, circle up under Portico. SSH, merks, toy soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Dog, Runners. Thang: IContinue reading “02/02/22 – BB – OB at the Mutt”

PB – Old Bay Q at the Blender 2.2.22

Come on out and play tomorrow. 9 out of 10 Mutts aren’t great at math, so if you’re looking for some funny play on the number 2, you might be disappointed. Although talking about #2s is commonplace on the hallowed grounds of Cherrywood Avenue, so who knows? There’s a 50% chance of a 0% chanceContinue reading “PB – Old Bay Q at the Blender 2.2.22”

01/18/22 Rooster BackBlast w Old Bay

PAX 14: Wham-O (R), Fridge, Tiger, Fall Guy (R), Backdraft, Stick Up, Frosty, Peeping Tom, Splinter, Wham!, Larry Flynt, Fergie, Glen Ross, Old Bay (Q) Conditions: Cold-ish but dry. Some lingering ice on the mean streets near Holy Trinity COP: SSH, Merks, CopperHead Squats, Dog, Stuff and Things Thang#1: Ladder. A lap around HT isContinue reading “01/18/22 Rooster BackBlast w Old Bay”

BB Old Bay at the Hurt 12.11.21

Short version. Lots on my mind and still processing everything that is going on around us. PAX (8): Tureen, LaMarvelous, Tiger, Unabomber, Pope, Fridge, Wham!, Old Bay (Q) Conditions: Warm but Dry. Gear: base layer upper, F3 dri-fit T, shorts (read: white tights), Darn Tuff socks, ASICS Cumulus Gels, hat/gloves COP: Stuff and things Thang1:Continue reading “BB Old Bay at the Hurt 12.11.21”

12.07.21 Back blast – Old Bay week continues at the Original

PAX: (7) Russdiculous, HandBook, Harry Carray, Flo Jo, McAfee, Crab Daddy (DR from Columbia SC), Old Bay Q Conditions: Dry and cold-ish Gear: Base Layer top and bottom. Trusty Costco simple pants. Northface 1/4 zip. Hat and gloves. Asics Culumus 21s Old Bay week continues! Today’s installment brought to you from the fine folks atContinue reading “12.07.21 Back blast – Old Bay week continues at the Original”

Back Blast 12.06.21 Old Bay gettin Poshy

The beginning of Old Bay week! I was so giddy with excitement that I forgot it was finally here! Luckily StickUp texted me a friendly reminder. PAX: (3) StickUp, Buzzsaw, Old Bay (Q) Weather: Rainy, temp still holding at 55 Gear: F3 Orange Rucktoberfest under, Northface 1/4 zip over, shorts, DarnTough socks, old shoes thatContinue reading “Back Blast 12.06.21 Old Bay gettin Poshy”

11.12.21 – a morning with Old Bay @ Pleasantville

PAX (12): Handbook, Sump Pump (R), Y Not, Fertle Myrtle, Valdez, Flex Seal, Viking, Airplane, Buzz saw, Stick Up, Big Bird, Old Bay (Q) 5:31 – Mutts like to start around now. Mosey around, circle up under ampitheater for COP. SSH, IW, Dog, Toy Soldier, other stuff. Coupon mosey over to the big soccer fieldContinue reading “11.12.21 – a morning with Old Bay @ Pleasantville”

Pre-Blast – Old Bay @ The Rooster at the Mutt – 10.19.21

I currently have no idea what we will do tomorrow, but it will likely be a typical Old Bay dog and pony show: Pretty easy, some light running, some light couponing, some respectful verbal interactions with all present, etc. Come on out and get some. Let’s get the numbers up as we head into ConvergenceContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Old Bay @ The Rooster at the Mutt – 10.19.21”

Backblast – Old Bay @ The Hurt 10.16.21

Short Version: PAX (6) Deuce, Tiger, Wham!, Wham-O (R), Ronnie Beaver, Old Bay (Q) Disclaimer, Mosey, COP Thang1: Coupon BLIMPS Mutt Mile. Grab coupons and get to moseying out on Elmwood Avenue. At light post #1, 5 Man makers. At #2, 5 Man Makers + 10 Coupon Lunges; #3, 5 Man Makers + 10 CouponContinue reading “Backblast – Old Bay @ The Hurt 10.16.21”

Blender @ Mutt 07.07.21 – Old Bay with Da Q

Tuesday night I was tired. I had been on the road with my family for just over a week. It was great…went to West Virginia, and then to Chicago to hang with my family for the first time in forever…then I went to Digiorno’s Birthday Q Tuesday morning…all good stuff, but I was smoked. IContinue reading “Blender @ Mutt 07.07.21 – Old Bay with Da Q”

03.08.21 Big Mo Backblast – Old Bay

Short version from Old Bay. Got a lot coming at me today. PAX (10): Whitney (R), Diablo, Yoshi, Handbook, Hot Wheels, Fertle Myrtle, Worm (R), Tony Malito, Motor Boat, Old Bay (Q) Conditions were great. Gear was solid. My good times sound machine was thumpin with Helmet, Rage, Slipknot, and Audioslave I brought out someContinue reading “03.08.21 Big Mo Backblast – Old Bay”

BB 02.27.21 The Hurt at The Mutt with Old Bay

Corporate gave me the keys to the car again this week. Since the M is out of town, I normally would have had a bourbon or 5 last night, and watched Workaholics re-runs until 2 AM…so this morning’s Q gave me a good reason to behave. Several mother Ruckers continue to build the momentum ofContinue reading “BB 02.27.21 The Hurt at The Mutt with Old Bay”

BB 02.24.21 – Old Bay at the Blender

PAX: 16 : Gollum, Pope, Plumb Bob, Handbook, Eto, Ball Boy, Glen Ross, PED, Buschhh (R), Nugget, Tureen, Zima, DiGiorno, Peeping Tom, Flo Jo, Old Bay (Q) Conditions: Sweet Last night, Buschhh said he was looking to get an extra credit mile in before the Blender beat down. So naturally I poured another bourbon andContinue reading “BB 02.24.21 – Old Bay at the Blender”

Rooster at the Mutt 02.26.21 – Old Bay

I’ve totally forgotten how to do this, and it’s kind of a shame. I used to really like writing summaries as a bit of an outlet (I’m a shitty writer), and I enjoyed reading some of the others too. Well, at least the good ones. Imma try to get mo’ better with these. PAX: 12.Continue reading “Rooster at the Mutt 02.26.21 – Old Bay”

The Hurt 11.28.20 @ Mutt with Old Bay

I worked out Thanksgiving morning, and it was awesome. Great WO from Deuce, great fellowship, and it was my son’s first F3 WO. He did pretty good, asked why these WOs were considered “hard”, and then got named XLAX. Caught a TD in Burpee football. Great day, and then as great days go, OB ateContinue reading “The Hurt 11.28.20 @ Mutt with Old Bay”

11.19.20 The Extender at the Mutt. Old Bay at the Helm

PAX 18: Buschhh, Pope, Wham-O (R), Fridge, Backdraft, Cowbell, DiGiorno, Soft Top, Larry Flynt, Ball Boy, Zima, Wham!, Smurfette, Miyagi, Glen Ross, Tiger, Deuce, Old Bay (Q) Mutt Mile: Buschhh, Deuce, Zima, Fridge, Backdraft, DiGiorno 1/2 Mutt Mile: Old Bay I was late to the Mutt Mile. I came out to my car at 0512,Continue reading “11.19.20 The Extender at the Mutt. Old Bay at the Helm”

Whats happening behind the Nerd curtain?

Turns out the trained monkeys in the Comz Q department couldn’t help me with the WordPress machine. I checked all my settings, cookies, dropped VPN, I even said “Jewel is just a stu Garden guy” 3 times and clicked my heels. Ended up powering down, and then powering back up. Nintendo. It appears YHC canContinue reading “Whats happening behind the Nerd curtain?”

Pre Blast – Ruiner at the Original. Old Bay at the helm

Come out at play at the O tomorrow.  I’m trying to think of some dumb things to do.   Weather looks to be a non-issue. I think the coupons are either broken, stolen, or covered in urine, so running shoes and gloves should suffice. Also, we’re gonna try a new Merkin I’ve invented: Kisses, OldContinue reading “Pre Blast – Ruiner at the Original. Old Bay at the helm”