BB 02.27.21 The Hurt at The Mutt with Old Bay

Corporate gave me the keys to the car again this week. Since the M is out of town, I normally would have had a bourbon or 5 last night, and watched Workaholics re-runs until 2 AM…so this morning’s Q gave me a good reason to behave. Several mother Ruckers continue to build the momentum of the pre-Hurt Ruck – well done! Pulled up and pumped to see Left Eye – Shoop a doop! Bacon made the trip to the Mutt too. And look there’s Aerobie, aww crap, I forgot to bring his headlamp, and I think that’s the only reason he came all the way to the Mutt. Good crew this AM, so let’s get after it.

I’m a single dad of busy kids this weekend, and my life is not my own. Big ups to the single dads and moms out there that hold their shit together. Short version of this morning:

Conditions: Awesome. Sneaky warm. A few of the boys were even wearing their white tights (shorts, for the uninitiated)

PAX: 15. Left Eye, Blueprint, Bacon, Glen Ross, Tureen, Fridge, Plumb Bob, DiGiorno, Frosty, Tiger, Aerobie (R), Nan Moore, Wham-O (R), Vincent (R), Old Bay (Q)

Disclaimer, mosey around school, COP, go get coupons.

Thang 1: Coupon BLIMPS, IC, with laps in-between exercises. 15 Block-ees, lap, 15 lunges each leg 0.5, lap, 15 4-ct Imperial Walkers coupon overhead, (skipped this lap), 15 merkins OYO, lap, 15 4-ct Plank Jacks, lap, 15 4-ct Squats. Woof. Bacon and Vincent killed it here.

Thang 2: Head to front of school, grab some curb for 11s. Thrusters on curb side, mosey across, 2 hand touch wall jumps on school side. Wham-O and Nan Moore were fast here.

Thang 3: Advance roughly halfway closer to the school for 7s. Merkins on one side, bear crawl to school, sumo squats on school side, mosey back

Thang 4: Needed a good old fashioned Merkin-off. Merkin time bomb starting with 8 reps, and counting down.

Head back to the flag for MARY to finish. Annnnnnnnnnd TIME.

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions.

I took us out. It aint easy, but every moment is an opportunity to lead by example. Someone is watching you, and watching how you react to situations good and bad. Could be your kids or wife, could be a work colleague, could be a stranger at the grocery store watching how the guy in the F3 shirt reacts to a challenging employee at Kroger. I know I got it pretty good, and I still struggle with this sometimes. This group helps remind me. Perspective.

Crush the day boys!


~Old Bay

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