The Hurt 11.28.20 @ Mutt with Old Bay

I worked out Thanksgiving morning, and it was awesome. Great WO from Deuce, great fellowship, and it was my son’s first F3 WO. He did pretty good, asked why these WOs were considered “hard”, and then got named XLAX. Caught a TD in Burpee football. Great day, and then as great days go, OB ate and drank a smidge too much. A subjective assessment to be certain, but if I said it, you know how I define a smidge. Skipped Friday @ Mary T and felt bad about it. Decided to get after it on Saturday at one of the best WOs of the week, the HURT. A few of the less-than-handsome neighborhood guys said my WO would probably be a cake walk, so we tried to dial it up.

PAX: 11: Deuce, Backdraft, Soft Top, Miyagi (R), Wham-O (R), Wham!, Sump Pump, Glen Ross, Tureen, Tiger, Old Bay (Q)

Conditions: Awesome. Everyone was chilly present and alive

Gear: Remember when we used to call this “Gearlander” for our boy Zoolander? He’ll be back sometime I suspect. Anyway, we were wearing clothes.

COP: SSH, squats, merks, dog, runners, IW, Hillbillys

Thang 1: Go get coupons and come back to the portico. Constructed man-makers. I called them deconstructed man-makers, but was corrected by Deuce. All with coupon, all 20 reps: 20 squats, 20 groiners, 20 groiners w merkin, 20 full man-makers. Each separated by a mosey across the parking lot and 5 SSH. Kinda sucked. Great work by all, even those that could only count to 18 and then start running.

Thang 2: fellowship walk over to the Cherrywood hill. Many talked about feelings and stuff. Then did 11s with curl-to-overhead-press, and 4-count flutter kicks. 10-1, 9-2, 8-3, etc. Hard. Great work by all. We almost threw coupons at a car we thought we knew from the neighborhood. Turned out it was NOT the guy we thought it was, so glad we did not throw coupons. Would not have been a good recruiting day for F3…maybe for F45.

Went a bit faster than I planned, so we walked back to the Portico, talked about feelings some more, and then did the constructed burpees again, but with 5 reps, interrupted by a mosey and 5 SSHs.

Put coupons up, Mary, and then head to the flag.

COR, NOR, announcements, Intentions.

Lots of struggles, but lots of GOOD happening all around us. Look for it. Celebrate it. Spread it. Don’t be a dick.

Love the Mutt, as always, kisses,


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