BackBlast 12.1.20: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Co-Q with Cochran and LePew


  • Bulletin (R)
  • Launchpad (R)
  • Big Bird
  • Fungi
  • Abacus
  • Cochran (Q)
  • LePew (Q)

It was cold. Black ice surrounded us. The wind howled. Eyes watered. Eyelashes froze. Fingers and toes were numb to a point to where they were nearly useless. Yet we got after it.

LePew forgot to give the disclosure before the COP and we got right into nuclears to warm up. We started at 7, single count and worked our way down to zero. . . We were all a bit warmer.

Cochran, being the attorney, responsible reminded the PAX of their free will and the need to modify as necessary. Then called out the next exercise… Abe Bagotas – 20 in cadence and we were warmer

LePew, knowing the running the PAX would soon endure thought a stretch would help in the cold… downward dog – the PAX then got a bit colder.

Cochran responded in kind with 25 imperial walkers in cadence… the PAX was once again warm.

We then ran. Carefully yet swiftly across the treacherous parking lot. Part mosey, part foot shuffle to catch any hint of ice in the darkness. It was with incredible bravery and perseverance that the men pressed on through the darkness unafraid of what lie ahead in the frosty gloom. . . we were on fire.

Suddenly a blizzard of determination raged among the group as we prepared for the main event.

  • Reverse Ladder
    • Four stations
      • Overhead air press
        • 60, 40, 20
      • Monkey Humpers
        • 30, 20, 10 in cadence
      • Merkins
        • 30, 20, 10
      • Squats
        • 30, 20, 10
    • Between each station was a short run. The four stations were set up around the perimeter of a baseball field.

Without hesitation. With no regard for the pain of the searing cold. Fueled by the desire to get better, faster, and stronger. Pouring sweat that would freeze before hitting the ground. . . we plowed on.

Back up the hill to the pavilion we plodded where another world of hurt awaited. Big Bird thought Tabada, but Cochran had other ideas.

  • Bench dips for fifty reps (about one minute)

After bench dips, LePew’s turn to demand more from the men:

  • High knees – 30 reps in cadence

Cochran knew there would be two more sets for the Pax and encouraged them with the confidence you can only find from a ravenous elk in rut. He snorted and snarled the men onward, demanding only the best from every member; and that is what he got.

We stumbled from what we thought would be the safe covering of the pavilion with legs trembling and arms burning… but there was more.


  • Cochran called out 30 LBCs and cadence
  • LePew required 25 flutter kicks in cadence
  • Launchpad led us with Freddy Mercuries – 20 in cadence
  • Big Bird pumped out 20 gas pumps in cadence
  • Fungi closed us out with 13 Nolan Ryan’s from each arm

Time was called. Everyone was stronger. No one was cold.

Giddy up.

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