BB Le Pew – The Escalator @ The Abyss – 2.3.2021

PAX: F-Stop Uncle Sam (R) Fungi Backflop Shark Bait Squid Storm Trooper Big Bird Mr. Hat Ghost flag Le Pew (Q) The Abyss is an awesome AO. There is no man made light out there, and this morning the moon shined brightly upon the Pax. At 0514 I gave the disclosure, no FNGs were present,Continue reading “BB Le Pew – The Escalator @ The Abyss – 2.3.2021”

PB Le Pew – The Escalator @ The Abyss – 2.3.2021

@Squid reminded me of my last Q at the Abyss. He described it as a “nuclear light show and karaoke.” Ahhh yes, good times. I say, let’s relive the good times! I can’t help you if you don’t like good mornings, toy soldiers, nuclears, flutter kicks, burpees, long-runs by the lake, merkins, and Billy Joel.Continue reading “PB Le Pew – The Escalator @ The Abyss – 2.3.2021”

BB Le Pew – The Silo @ North Posh – 1.25.2021

Pax: Yankovic (R)Holy Roller (R)MinnowMeter MaidFockerCol. KlinkNatty LiteJimmy NeutronVikingPeacockEdward ScissorhandsBaconLe Pew (Q) I was coming in hot this morning as I completely misjudged the time it would take me to get to the AO. I was late on Saturday at The Mutt, and there was no way I was going to do it again. IContinue reading “BB Le Pew – The Silo @ North Posh – 1.25.2021”

PB Le Pew – The Silo @ North Posh – 1.24.2021

The forecast tomorrow calls for cold, wet weather which means the PAX will be constantly moving to stay warm. We’re going back to the North Posh roots and have a run-heavy WO. No coupons needed. Dress appropriately, but be aware that we’re going to have such an intense 45 minutes that no one should worryContinue reading “PB Le Pew – The Silo @ North Posh – 1.24.2021”

BB Le Pew – The Hurt @ The Mutt 1.23.2021

Pax: FrostyDeuceBackdraftWham-O (R)DevittoTigerPeeping TomDigiornoPopeTureenLe Pew (Q) Karma can be fickle. For the last week I have been told several times that the Mutt PAX show up late for workouts… the tables have turned. Devitto and I shared a 🤡 🚙 to the AO with the intent of running 4-5 miles before post. When we arrivedContinue reading “BB Le Pew – The Hurt @ The Mutt 1.23.2021”

Le Pew’s PB – The Hurt @ The Mutt 1.23.2021

I have been travelling all over the city visiting AOs in the quest for Iron Horse glory, and tomorrow will be my first time at The Mutt. The benefit of travelling is that you don’t have to get too creative with new weinkes, so if you want an idea of what we’ll do tomorrow checkContinue reading “Le Pew’s PB – The Hurt @ The Mutt 1.23.2021”

BB Le Pew – Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – 1.21.2021

PAX: Yankovic (R) Bulletin (R) Cochran Col. Klink Le Pew (Q) COP: Side straddle hops (25 in cadence) Toy soldiers (25 in cadence) High knees (15 in cadence) Good mornings (10 in cadence) Grass Grabbers (10 in cadence) Downward Dog After COP we moseyed around the park trail with mumble chatter explaining the difference betweenContinue reading “BB Le Pew – Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – 1.21.2021”

PB Le Pew – The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – 1.21.2021

Tomorrow there are going to be a whole bunch of incredible Qs so get out to get better. There are few legit excuses to stay home. At The Boondocks you’re not going to need a coupon, but strap on your running shoes because we’re going to be sprinting 100 yards-at-a time. We’ll be staying onContinue reading “PB Le Pew – The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – 1.21.2021”

BB – Le Lew at The Fog @ Posh 1.16.21

Pax: Jitterbug (R) Lady Bird (R) Drysdale Iceman (R) Mr. Kotter Le Pew (Q) As we gathered and prepared for the WO there was some mumble chatter about nuclears. I believe it was Iceman who mentioned that they were growing in popularity around town – that made me glad. 😏 After disclosures the music beganContinue reading “BB – Le Lew at The Fog @ Posh 1.16.21”

BB Le Pew The Agony @ The County – 1.14.2021

PAX: Jolly Rancher Tammy Faye Baker Double Down (R) Holy Roller (R) Yankovic (R) Lucky Charms Gisele Pelican Cochran Hushpuppy Storm Trooper Cratchet Tidwell Viking Le Pew (Q) After the disclosure and the confirmation that there weren’t any FNGs, I asked Holy Roller if he had brought Yankovic back out into the gloom, as itContinue reading “BB Le Pew The Agony @ The County – 1.14.2021”

BB – Le Pew from The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Pax: Natty LightCurious GeorgeSpreeBulletin (R)Asian Zing (R)Lady Bird (R)Launchpad (R)BackflopFOCKERTidwellDauberGiselleFungiDollar ShortWhiskersCratchetJitterbug (R)Storm TrooperCochranLe Pew (Q) It was another 35 degree raining morning when Cochran and I were pulling into the parking lot of the AO. We were expecting there to be only a handful of regulars that were going to brave the weather but toContinue reading “BB – Le Pew from The Planetarium @ The Boondocks”

Le Pew’s BB from The Incubator @ Posh – 1.4.2021

PAX: Cochran Dollar Short Dynamite Abacus Motor Boat Backflop Schlitz Buzz Saw Stick Up Greenwich (R) Gabba Gabba Le Pew (Q) Although there were a few PAX that arrived shortly after 0530, we began with a brief disclosure, a count of those present, then got right into it. COP: Michael Phelps Toy Soldiers: 15 inContinue reading “Le Pew’s BB from The Incubator @ Posh – 1.4.2021”

BB from Wisteria @ Pleasantville with Le Pew

PAX: Lucky Charms FOCKER Jolly Rancher Meter Maid Dauber Sump Pump Heimlich Hush Puppy Pelican Le Pew (Q) This is how I remember this WO: I stepped out of my car into the 35 degree pouring rain and heard Jolly Rancher gleefully exclaim, “Le Pew, I hope you have The Boondock’s flag on you becauseContinue reading “BB from Wisteria @ Pleasantville with Le Pew”

LePew’s BB from 12.31.20 The Agony @ The County

PAX: Honey Do Asian Zing (R) Bulletin (R) Iceman (R) Mr. Hat Bug Bird Le Pew (Q) It’s the last WO of the year and I wanted to complete a collective goal of performing 100 flutter kicks in cadence nonstop since January 2nd. This goal was inspired by Iceman who always outlasted the PAX inContinue reading “LePew’s BB from 12.31.20 The Agony @ The County”

LePew’s Year-End PB – 12.31.20 The Agony @ The County

It was January 2nd of 2020 when I led my first WO of the year. The PAX had visions of what the year would be, goals we’d accomplish, experiences we’d share, and joy we’d bring. No one could have imagined what came-to-pass. In lieu of all the hardships we’ve experienced in 2020 I know thatContinue reading “LePew’s Year-End PB – 12.31.20 The Agony @ The County”

BackBlast 12.1.20: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Co-Q with Cochran and LePew PAX: Bulletin (R) Launchpad (R) Big Bird Fungi Abacus Cochran (Q) LePew (Q) It was cold. Black ice surrounded us. The wind howled. Eyes watered. Eyelashes froze. Fingers and toes were numb to a point to where they were nearly useless. Yet we got after it. LePew forgot to giveContinue reading “BackBlast 12.1.20: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks”

LePew’s Backblast from The Tank – 11.4.2020

PAX: Bunghole No Nuts Big Bird Stormtrooper Mama’s Boy Viking Wide Right Sub Prime Motor Boat Handbook FloJo Frankenbaby Huggies Vincent (R) Sheister Violet Russdiculous PK Sweet Tart LePew (Q) It was a balmy 45 degrees this morning and we were able to get 20 men out in the gloom. We got started right onContinue reading “LePew’s Backblast from The Tank – 11.4.2020”

LePew’s Backblast from Bayside: 10.22.2020

The weather was perfect this morning for the 13 PAX at Bayside. Before the WO Sadie and I were talking when a mysterious vehicle pulled into the parking lot. Sadie said: “I don’t recognize that car. You’re drawing a crowd.” It was then that Aerobie and Nan Moore proudly stepped from their vehicle. Shout outContinue reading “LePew’s Backblast from Bayside: 10.22.2020”

BackBlast LePew @ The Abyss 9/30/2020

PAX: Squid Flip Flop Iowa Mr. Hat Cochran Lucky Charms Captain Crunchberry F. Stop Uncle Sam (R) Shoeless Joe (R) Shark Bait LePew (Q) The only light the PAX had this morning was cast by an almost-full moon and a breathtaking sea of countless stars that draped over the AO. I reminded the 11 menContinue reading “BackBlast LePew @ The Abyss 9/30/2020”

LePew’s BackBlast from The Agony @ The County: 9.10.2020

PAX: Bulletin (R) Jerry McGuire (R) Asian Zing (R) Backflop Cartman Tidwell GQ Hushpuppy Scratch and Dent Launchpad (R) LePew (Q) It was a few years ago was when I first saw a video of firefighters climbing the 2,226 steps in full gear, and the image has stayed with me. Today on the eve ofContinue reading “LePew’s BackBlast from The Agony @ The County: 9.10.2020”