Le Pew BackBlast from The Stallion – 10.11.2022

In our younger days our elders would warn us of how quickly time passes. “Youth,” we were told, “is wasted on the young.” As co-site Q’s at The Boondocks, Cochran and I would scoff at such warnings and today I humbly report that we were 100% right to do so.

It was my pleasure to Q The Stallion this morning. I scooped Cochran around 3 AM to begin our long journey to the AO and during that time we reminded each other of the foresight we had when choosing Flex Seal to take over Site Q responsibilities at The Boondocks two years ago. Although he was new-ish to F3 at the time and could have even been considered too inexperienced for such a monumental responsibility, we handed him the flag because we saw in him his true potential. Despite the masses of nay-sayers we knew Flex Seal’s leadership skills would be formed at The Boondocks and then ultimately carry over into the formation of a new AO.

It turns out that, again, Cochran and I could not have been more right.

Today was the culmination of the vision of two humble F3 servant leaders. There is no need for praise nor accolades. True leaders understand their inevitable obsolescence and train the next generation to take their place. That is all Cochran and I did with Flex Seal. We knew he was destined for greatness and today that prophesy was fulfilled.

We would never take credit for the formation of that amazing new AO in Goshen called “The Stable” because it takes a nation, but on behalf of Cochran and I, you’re welcome.

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