PB: Virtual DRP @ The Boathouse 12-2-20: Out of the Gloom, BUT NOT OUT OF THE GAME

Calling all PAX who are quarantined… YES you can get your DRP. Set up your computer in your garage or outside, and use the Zoom link below.
Prove to yourself that out of the gloom does not mean out of the game. Start your day right by Doing The Hard Thing.

For virtual workouts, you get to know the pain in advance (lucky you):

SSH (50)
Imperial Walkers (30)
Murcans (15)
Copperhead Squats (20)
Grass Grabbers (20)
Run 200 yards, round trip, get back to your garage

The Thang:
Six five minute segments.
Each segment is:
5 Manmakers OYO
Run (or row, or whatever cardio thing you have) 2 minutes, pretty hard
20 Murcans OYO
20 Big Boys (use your coupon to stabilize your feet) OYO
Do squats or plank with any extra time you have

At the end of the sixth segment, celebrate by doing 10 Manmakers OYO (MOYO?)

Hold coupon up with arms while doing flutter kicks (30)
Shoulder touches starting from plank (40)
LBCs (50)
Murcans (15)
Plank until the end.


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