03.08.21 Big Mo Backblast – Old Bay

Short version from Old Bay. Got a lot coming at me today.

PAX (10): Whitney (R), Diablo, Yoshi, Handbook, Hot Wheels, Fertle Myrtle, Worm (R), Tony Malito, Motor Boat, Old Bay (Q)

Conditions were great. Gear was solid. My good times sound machine was thumpin with Helmet, Rage, Slipknot, and Audioslave

I brought out some toys o’ pain from the Mutt. Also asked some of the Vet boys to bring some stuff out too, and they answered the call

Set up a circuit. Included curls, OH presses, curls, battle ropes, sandbag toss, sandbag calf raises, sandbag deadlift, OH presses again, Ruck burpees. The push guy was to drag the tire sled halfway around circle, and farmer carry two Lowes buckets of concrete for the second half. This was not pleasant. Rotate upon return. We got almost 2 full rounds in, finished with some Mary, and then I called time.

COR, NOR, Announcements, and Intentions. I closed us out saying that I’m trying to work on gratitude and perspective when things don’t go my way. All things considered, we got it pretty damn good boys. This country is still the greatest on the planet, even when things occasionally go sideways. Also, someone is always watching you, whether at home, at work, or at the grocery store. Follow the don’t be a dick rule, and you’ll be OK.

Love the Vets boys. They’re kinda quiet, but I like what they have going on out there. Gotta get there more.


Old Bay

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