01/18/22 Rooster BackBlast w Old Bay

PAX 14: Wham-O (R), Fridge, Tiger, Fall Guy (R), Backdraft, Stick Up, Frosty, Peeping Tom, Splinter, Wham!, Larry Flynt, Fergie, Glen Ross, Old Bay (Q)

Conditions: Cold-ish but dry. Some lingering ice on the mean streets near Holy Trinity

COP: SSH, Merks, CopperHead Squats, Dog, Stuff and Things

Thang#1: Ladder. A lap around HT is 0.25 mi. We identified 2 locations on opposite sides of the school to do our exercises. 10 merkins, run around to the other side of school. 10 merkins + 20 SSH, run around to the other side of the school. 10 merkins + 20 SSH + 30 squats, run. 10 M + 20 SSH + 30 S + 40 LBCs. Then back down the ladder, running in between as before. 10 + 20 + 30, 10 + 20, 10.

Go grab coupons and partner up on the curb at front of school.

Thang#2: Dora Ladder. P1 50 burpees with jump up on curb, 100 OH press, 150 curls, 100 OH press, 50 burpees with jump up on curb. P2 runs across lot and does 5 incline merkins and runs back.

Coupons away. Short Mary sesh. Time.

COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions.

Love the Mutt. Grateful for the ability to do stupid things out in the cold with you boys. Keep the faith and don’t be a dick.


Old Bay

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