02/02/22 – BB – OB at the Mutt

PAX: 15 : Unabomber, Wham!, YNot, Fertile Myrtle, Buzzsaw, Backdraft, Glen Ross, Harry Caray, Peeping Tom, OJ, Duckling, Stick Up, Sump Pump (R), Big Bird, Old Bay – Q

Conditions: Beautiful, as always. A smidge of rain.

COP: Lap, grab coupons, circle up under Portico. SSH, merks, toy soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Dog, Runners.

Thang: I brought my ruck (30#), sandbag (50#), and my good-times sound-machine. Everyone said the playlist was tame for Mutt standards.

PAX#1 ruck up, and sandbag across shoulders. OH press sandbag, to front chest, to front squat, to OH press, sandbag bag to shoulders. Ruck to end of school, repeat, ruck back to portico, repeat, ruck to other end of school, repeat, ruck back to portico, dump ruck and sandbag. Next PAX get on the ruck and sandbag. Remaining PAX completed AMRAP exercises while jeering at the PAX with ruck and sandbag. Mixed in a lap or 2 to break it up.

Curls, incline merkins, squats, decline merkins, OH press, flutters, benchpress, single arm rows, double arm rows, coupon V-Ups (Sump almost killed himself here), a few others, and finish with man-makers. Cherry on top! 6:14, aaaand time.

Everyone crushed it today, although we were concerned with how quiet Glen Ross was. Either it was a facemelter, or he was mentally preparing for the biggest day in Forcht Bank history. Also, Duckling showed up with his arm in a damn sling.

What’s your excuse?

COR, NOR, announcements, intentions.


Old Bay

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