Pre-Blast – 06.16.22 – Old Bay back at the O-riginal

Come on out tomorrow to where it all started!

Full disclosure:

  • You know I like a 5:31 start, just to annoy certain PAX.
  • We will run the loop (1.2 mi) stopping here and there to do stuff and things.
  • We will do coupon work after that, so bring your coupon.
  • Actually, bring an extra coupon, I’m sure someone will need it.
  • There should be music, but that depends on whether or not I remember my speaker.
  • Tomorrow is the Old Bay Vodka launch party. I may or may not have purchased exclusive distribution rights for KY on a recent trip out East.
  • I predict ZERO Mutts will be in attendance. It’s gotten comical how little we travel.

Hydrate, bring a buddy, and let’s get after it.


~Old Bay

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