BB Old Bay at the Hurt 12.11.21

Short version. Lots on my mind and still processing everything that is going on around us.

PAX (8): Tureen, LaMarvelous, Tiger, Unabomber, Pope, Fridge, Wham!, Old Bay (Q)

Conditions: Warm but Dry.

Gear: base layer upper, F3 dri-fit T, shorts (read: white tights), Darn Tuff socks, ASICS Cumulus Gels, hat/gloves

COP: Stuff and things

Thang1: Mosey over to Cherrywood and Ormond. Partner up at bottom of hill. PAX1 goes down Ormond to the bridge for 10 dips. PAX2 goes up the hill on Cherrywood for 10 Merks. Return to start, 3 BroPees. Switch a few times.

Thang2: Grab coupons, and head back up top, get in a circle. 10-10-10s. PAX1 counts out 10 reps, PAX2 counts out 10 reps, PAX3 counts out 10 second rest. Continue around the circle twice. Then farmer carry coupon down the steps, around the MPB, and back up top. We did Curls, lap, Squats, lap, OH Press, lap, Al Gore, lap.

Thang3: Suicide OH Press Jack Webb. Huh? Everyone on the baseline by SLC with your coupon. Run 25 yds and back, 4 OH presses. Run 50 yds and back, 8 OHP, 75 yds and back, 12 OHP, 100 yds and back, 16 OHP. Ran out of time, so we did a baby ladder back down…50 yds and 8 OHP, 25 yds and 4 OHP.

TIME. COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions. I think there was some swearing that happened during the WO and during intentions. This is the way. Love this silly thing we have. Go help someone today.


Old Bay

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