Western KY Relief Efforts – “GO” and “GIVE” Details!

We say it all the time, but F3 Louisville is truly made up of high impact men. It’s powerful to see the bleeding hearts at work for those that were directly impacted by the tornadoes in Western KY. The outpouring of love and desire to “go” or “give” is powerful. And, together we CAN make a difference.

As I noted on Slack, there’s been a few opportunities percolating that we were evaluating to “go”. I’m here to share final details of a partnership with Crossland Community Church. Kilo and I had the opportunity to connect with their leaders, who are connected with local community leaders in an organized and strategic manner to make an impact. As you may know, Kilo and Tony Malito worked alongside their members on Sunday and Monday and had great things to say about their members. In fact, they have already over 300 volunteers registered and over the past few days over 150 each day have been clearing debris, cutting down trees, making outreach to families on needs, sorting and managing supplies, etc.

Should you have the heart, desire, resources, time and talents to help and “go” make an impact, here’s how this works as we partner with Crossland Community Church on these efforts:

1.) Click on this link below to fill out the Google sheet for Crossland. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfFQ-UmBeMqrQ3DgDvkhq8jZvVYc1bKYCaoTouhzfP1w1XVtQ/viewform
2.) Within the Google sheet there is some options on what you’d like to do – e.g., debris removal, survey needs, packing/moving, resource management.
3.) You will receive a text message in the evening about where to show and at what time to physically register.
4.) You’ll receive tools and resources from Crosslands based on what tasks you have been assigned.
5.) And, you’ll get to work and make an impact.

For example, if you fill out the Google sheet today on Tuesday, on Tuesday evening you will get a text message for the details on the Wednesday plans. You’ll check-in at Crosslands, pick up your supplies, and then get to work with a small team.

There may be some evenings that the Google sheet is down or unavailable – this is just because they are trying to finalize the plans and details for Wednesday and then they’ll put it back up.

You will need to submit the Google sheet EVERY DAY you plan to participate to get the details. They have supplies, but if you have the means and resources they could use more Rubbermaid totes or tarps.

Let’s make a difference and lean in on these efforts. We can be the light in the darkness for those that have been directly impacted.

As a reminder, if you aren’t able to physically “go” we are also raising funds to “give” to Crossland Community Church to help defray the financial burden on the families that have been displaced to assist for housing for those that have no homes or beds to go to in the evening. See link here: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8Fr2v4dO2O

Any questions, please reach out to myself, Kilo or Jitterbug.

Let’s lead from the front! AYE!

Jolly Rancher out!

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