Blender @ Mutt 07.07.21 – Old Bay with Da Q

Tuesday night I was tired. I had been on the road with my family for just over a week. It was great…went to West Virginia, and then to Chicago to hang with my family for the first time in forever…then I went to Digiorno’s Birthday Q Tuesday morning…all good stuff, but I was smoked. I told myself I’d take Wednesday off, and then get back at it Thursday.

“Let’s see what dummy has the Q tomorrow” I say at 10 PM as I open up my calendar. Huh. Shit. I was unaware I had signed up. We do have incredible SiteQs at the Mutt though, so I must have just missed the super bad-ass hype message that foretold of an Old Bay beatdown the next morning. So I naturally had to run to the shop and start furiously sketching out a weinke.

PAX: 19. Larry Flynt, Flea, Glenn Ross, PorkChop, Tureen, Dojo, Peeping Tom, Left Eye, Ball Boy, Bandwagon, Back Draft, Pope, Buschhh, Fridge, Handbook, Zima, Fergie, Old Bay (Q). Great to see the boys as always.

Disclaimer, mosey around HT.

COP: SSH, IW, merkins, toy soldiers, hillbillies, merkins, dog, cobra

Thang1: Mutt Merkin Mile. Run Brookfield to St. Matthews, to Elmwood, back to HT. Stop at each light and do 10 merkins of various types. Normal, close, wide, R leg up, L leg up, staggered hands, etc. I think there were 47 light posts on those mean streets. Towards the end of our mile, a strange man in a muscle shirt running with a stroller approached us. Of course it was Pope with his 2.0 in a jogging stroller. I heard something about his wife saying “if you wake it, you take it”. We informed him of the ways he could use that with her next time, and then we continued on.

Thang2: Grab coupons and back up top. Tabata ladder, 45 secs of work, 15 seconds of rest. OH press, curls, squats, step overs, bench press, step overs, squats, curls, OH press. Then we finished with 10 Thrusters IC and put coupons away.

Mosey back to the flag for Mary. Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd time.

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions.

I hadn’t prepared anything really to take us out, so I just gave a quick reflection on gratitude and perspective. Even when everyone around me is being a terrible human being, I still have it pretty damn good. Slow it down a little bit, and most importantly, go make someone smile today.



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