11.19.20 The Extender at the Mutt. Old Bay at the Helm

PAX 18: Buschhh, Pope, Wham-O (R), Fridge, Backdraft, Cowbell, DiGiorno, Soft Top, Larry Flynt, Ball Boy, Zima, Wham!, Smurfette, Miyagi, Glen Ross, Tiger, Deuce, Old Bay (Q)

Mutt Mile: Buschhh, Deuce, Zima, Fridge, Backdraft, DiGiorno

1/2 Mutt Mile: Old Bay

I was late to the Mutt Mile. I came out to my car at 0512, and saw that it had been broken into. Then I saw an Amazon box at the bottom of my driveway. Had to check security footage to see whats up, and I was a smidge rattled. After going through everything in my head, and making sure house was secure, I rolled out. The Mutt Mile boys had already left, but I got a little bit in and met up with them on the way back.

COP – Mosey, grab coupons, SSH Hillbillies arms legs dog runner stretch

Thang 1- Plank Jack OH Press Webb. 4 PJs then 1 OH press. 8 PJs then 2 OH press. Took a lap after 20/5, 32/8, and 40/10. Repeat but with Mountain Climbers and coupon squats. Same runs. The run was a mosey to the backside, AYG across the backside, and a mosey back to your coupon.

Thang 2 – Go around the circle for 10 reps of a coupon exercise called out by all 18 PAX

Thang 3 – Old Bay calls Mary

COR – NOR – Announcements – Intentions. Those battling Cancer, COVID, and uncertainty.

I closed with some words on gratitude, and finding the good amid the bad.


Old Bay

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