09.28.22 – Old Bay gets Poshy.

PAX: (8) Pizza, Leno (R), Lady Bird (R), Jitterbug (R), Bacon, Methane (R), Mom Suit, Old Bay Q

Short version:

Meet up and disclaimer. Mosey around the lot, and out to the first parking lot on the south side of the Egg Lawn.

COP. Clear skies, and we learned about a few constellations. We learned which ones actually get close to Uranus. Or Bacon’s Anus. Or whatever let’s move on.

Thang 1: Circle Jerk. I mean Circle Merk. Mosey around the Egg Lawn path, stopping at each parking lot for a different type of Merkin, 15-20 per stop. Ace and Garys, wide, narrow, off-set, regular.

Thang 2: Head to the bridge and partner up. P1 does Derkins while P2 sprints up the bridge. When P2 gets to the top he screams out in joy and starts doing SSH while P1 sprints up to meet him. Then P2 goes down the hill. When he gets down the hill he begins doing Merkins, and P1 sprints to meet him. And repeat a few times.

Thang 3: Back to the flag area. All the P1s sprints from flag to the end of lot, and then mosey back around to the start. All the P2s are doing various Mary called out by the PAX. Did this a few times. Mom Suit is fast

Time. COR. NOR. Announcements and intentions. Acknowledgement that it is so easy to get knocked out of rhythm by something dumb. Maintain perspective. Be grateful. And always follow Rule #1….don’t be a dick.


Old Bay

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