11.12.21 – a morning with Old Bay @ Pleasantville

PAX (12): Handbook, Sump Pump (R), Y Not, Fertle Myrtle, Valdez, Flex Seal, Viking, Airplane, Buzz saw, Stick Up, Big Bird, Old Bay (Q)

5:31 – Mutts like to start around now. Mosey around, circle up under ampitheater for COP. SSH, IW, Dog, Toy Soldier, other stuff.

Coupon mosey over to the big soccer field

4 corners: Leave coupons, mosey to first corner, 20 Merks/20 Flutters, same at corner 2 and 3, then 20 coupon thrusters back at start. Repeat. On 3rd round we changed to 20 prisoner squat jumps/20 LBCs, and still 20 coupon thrusters back at start. Valdez was having full conversations, reviewed his holiday plans, did some end of year investment planning, did some laundry, and still smoked everyone.

Aside: I asked Valdez if he is training for any upcoming events, and he said no. “I’m maybe looking for a new challenge. Like maybe I’ll go climb a mountain or something.” These were his actual words.

COVID 19: 19 each of curls, OH press, V-ups, Incline Merks, dips, then a short mosey.

Grab coupons, OH carry back to the flag. Finish.

COR, NOR, Announcements (need pleasantville SiteQ, Viking November ruck), Intentions.

Love getting out to Wisteria. It’s been forever for me, thanks to Airplane for keeping it rolling. This spot is great, tons to do out here. Keep perspective, don’t be a dick, and go make someone smile today!


Old Bay

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