Rooster at the Mutt 02.26.21 – Old Bay

I’ve totally forgotten how to do this, and it’s kind of a shame. I used to really like writing summaries as a bit of an outlet (I’m a shitty writer), and I enjoyed reading some of the others too. Well, at least the good ones. Imma try to get mo’ better with these.

PAX: 12. Pope, Tiger, Peeping Tom, Digiorno, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Motor Boat, Sump Pump, Deuce, Snowman, Zima, Old Bay (Q).

GearLander: (Raise your hand if you remember Zoolander? Someone get him back out) I’ve been wearing the same thing all winter, and not messing with it cuz it works for me. Hero base layer top and bottom, Costco Ruck pants, Old Navy long sleeve shirt, Northface fleece upper, Darn Tough wool socks, Asics kicks.

Conditions: Kinda cold with a little snow on the ground. This city has been losing its mind.

The snow wasn’t nearly as significant as Weinberg, Cardosi, and all the other weather nerds were calling for. I got up early anyway to scrape the car and assess conditions. Looks fine, but let’s use the Forcht Bank Portico ITG to protect the tender feet and baby hands of men from the handsome-ist AO in the land. Keep It Simple Stupid was the spirit of the day. My plan would have 4 stations, and I was hoping for at least 8 guys to show so everyone could talk tpo another PAX during the workout. The cars pulled in and at 5:31 (official start time at the Mutt), there were 12 guys! Perfect! No way we could mess this up right?

COP: SSH, Copperhead squats, tempo merkins, and other stuff.


12 dudes, and we counted off by 4s. Seems easy. Somehow the dummies at the Mutt found a way to mess that up too. We are nothing if not predictable. Regardless I barked out instructions on what we would be doing.

Round 1: 1s run 0.25 mile around the school, 2s AMRAP shoulder taps, 3s AMRAP SSHs, 4s AMRAP mountain climbers

Round 2: 1s run, 2s AMRAP LBC, 3s AMRAP Burpees, 4s wall sit

Round 3: 1s run, 2s AMRAP LBC, 3s AMRAP Burpees, 4s wall sit

Round 4: 1s run, 2s AMRAP Merkins, 3s AMRAP Jump Squats, 4s AMRAP Carolina Dry Docks

Runners were the push group, and everyone rotates through when runners got back. My time estimate was damn near perfect and we finished at 6:14 (official Mutt end time)

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions. Donate $ for our Ruck event benefitting St. John Center for homeless men. Can you imagine being homeless in this weather with minimal support?

A few of the boys were talking about how the last few years, and even this past weekend, seems like we’ve lost a lot of good men way too early. I took us out with a reminder to be grateful in all circumstances, because not one day is promised to any of us. This week is going to tough in a lot of different ways, so be patient. I’m bad at this. Frosty said I only swore once during prayer which is an improvement. But I simply said “don’t be an asshole today”, and I think that’s in the Bible somewhere.

Great work boys, always a great start to my day even when I don’t wanna post.


Old Bay

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