06/09/2018 : BackBlast Bayside, HIMS getting work done

Sorry for delay.. Unlike  the lack of effort in getting this out in 24 hours, there was no lack of effort in 5 other PAX this past saturday @ Bayside.  The random music generator was out, the sun was coming up and hot.  It was steamy…

Q:  Glauc

PAX: Grandpa Bear, Thumbtack, Capt. Goodvibes, Six Pack, T18

Mosey to rear of school:  COP,  30 SSH, Hamstring stretch and plank strectching.

Thang 1:

Circuit:  All under portico in rear of school.   Start  1) Three Burpees 2) bernie sanders to first set of benches (30 yards)  3) 15 dips 4) lunge walk to next bench 5) 10 incline merkins 6) Bernie sanders down the rest of the portico (30 yards )   7) 5 Mexican jumping bean squats 8) mosey back to beginning.   Did entire circuit to music “Sinnerman”  A roughly 10 minute song

Thang 2:

Circuit:  All the same as above except at the end do 5 Crucible merkins instead of the mexican jumping bean squats & to music “Brother”  by Needtobreathe (4:45 song)

Thang 3:

start under portico, run (about 20 yards) do 7 mexican jumping bean squats, run back and do 7 decline merkins.  Do this the entire song of “Best of you” by Foo Fighters

Mosey to front of school

Thang 4:

Circuit: performed in a “circle” around the front of the school 5 Box jumps,  run (about 25 yards) , 5 incline merkins, continue around circle, 5 decline merkins, complete circle, rinse and repeat. again “Best of you” foo fighters”

Thang 5:

6 minute interval work:  All 1 minute on with 15 second off

unilateral glute thrust (right)

unilateral glute thrust (left)

reverse plank

supermans (lay on belly lift legs up and arms up in front of you @ same time)

micheal phelps (a freestyle on your belly)

Hammerheads ( again, on belly hands around head and rotate body back and forth)

Thang 6:

“beautiful name”  elbow plank entire song, on chorus go to high plank and do Merkin on descriptive words.. Still really hard to complete without a break + with the amount that was just done.. this was tough.

Really proud of the guys pushing it out. I can see them getting better everytime they post.  Capt. Goodvibes is going to be capt. goodpecs if he keeps on trucking…

COT: intentions made to those sick, physically and mentally.. a shout out to B Bread and his M for their recent new addition…

Thank you HIMS for making me a better father, husband and person in my community!





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