6/7 Back Blast – Who Dey VQ #templeofgloom

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What’s up F3 Nation!!  Sorry for the delay, I had some technical difficulties getting this BB out, typical VQ here!  What an AWEESSSSOMME day to start out my inaugural  Q.  Thanks to all who came out to support me.  I hope everyone got a good workout in, I know kicked my own butt! Looking forward to bringing the pain train on my next Q.  Go Steelers!!

Attending PAX, some hardcore dudes:

Chicken Fry

Glenn Ross



Tin Cup


Sump Pump






Scuba Steve


Captain Insano


Who Dey

I decided to join a few others with the pre Q 1 lap around Seneca Park.  That was my first time rocking that out, but sign me up for next time!  That will really get you going.  The crew pushed it with about a 7:30 minute mile! Yikes!

Warm up:  

Quick run around back to the tennis courts

All I.C. exercices:

40 Side Straddle hops

30 Grass Grabbers

30 Copperhead squats

30 Imperial Walkers

20 Merkins

Main workout, out in the field:

Alternating Partner workout (20 Minutes AMRAP) – each partner switches off 1 and 2

  1. Down the field – Bear Crawl to the middle, lung walk back.  Next round  sprint to the end and back.  Alternate each round
  2. On the sideline – Boyos, Squats, Merkins, Big Boy sit ups

Back to the tennis courts for some Mary all I.C.:

50 – LBC burn out

30 Flutter kicks

20 Dying Cockroach

20 box cutters

20 Gas pumps

20 Supermans

Merkin Burnouts


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