Presenting Your 2020 F3Louisville Iron Horses

On December 19, 2019 I sent out the PreBlast announcing the 2020 the Iron Horse Challenge. Over the next two weeks 50+ PAX members of F3Louisville signed up to take on the challenge, which is designed to to encourage PAX members to continue getting out ITG in the winter months when conditions are often lessContinue reading “Presenting Your 2020 F3Louisville Iron Horses”

Introducing the Ultimate Weekend Warrior Challenge

Last weekend the Region was challenged to get out & run in an attempt to run more than the 157 miles (or something like that) F3Naperville had previously boasted. What did our PAX do? You crazy SOBs collectively ran over 600 miles! I’ve been thinking about this for several days & have come to aContinue reading “Introducing the Ultimate Weekend Warrior Challenge”

Edgamacation Givin at the Timpl of Zoom 4.8.2020 BakBlast

I’ve now Qd several WOs via Zoom & they’ve all been “you vs you” in either an AMRAP or TABATTA form, but I wanted to do things a little different today… PAX: Frankenbaby  Aerobie (R) Holy Roller (R) Potter Handbook  Huggies Gypsy  Crock Pot McAfee Jewel Nan Moore Jitterbug (R) Stick Up Nino (QIC) AtContinue reading “Edgamacation Givin at the Timpl of Zoom 4.8.2020 BakBlast”

Temple of Zoom 4.8.2020 PreBlast

Anticipated weather conditions tomorrow at 0530: 66 degrees with a 65% chance of rain…garage or driveway, your choice. Things you’ll need; Smart phone or connected device Zoom app or Zoom link ( Driveway or garage Coupon or weight of any kind A chair (2 would be ideal if possible) or elevated surface of some sortContinue reading “Temple of Zoom 4.8.2020 PreBlast”

Virtual WO BlackOps 4.1.2020 PreBlast

Anticipated weather conditions at 0630 tomorrow are calling for clear sky’s & a brisk 41 degrees. Things you’ll need; Smart phone or connected device Zoom app or Zoom link ( Driveway, garage, parking lot, random field, wherever…but ideally pick a spot with 20-25 yards of clear space Coupon or weight of any kind A chairContinue reading “Virtual WO BlackOps 4.1.2020 PreBlast”

Virtual Mist BlackOps 3.27.2020 PreBlast

Weather conditions at 0600 are 62 degrees, which sounds pretty ideal to get up & out into your driveway for a WO. Things you’ll need; Smart phone or connected device Zoom app or Zoom link ( Driveway or garage (given the weather forecast I strong encourage you to get out into the driveway) Coupon orContinue reading “Virtual Mist BlackOps 3.27.2020 PreBlast”

Virtual Gloom BlackOps 3.23.20 PreBlast

Over the last three days I’ve heard, “our new reality” countless times in the news, advertisements, etc. Tomorrow I will take a step into this new reality by Qing a virtual WO via Zoom. Things you’ll need; Smart phone or connected device Zoom app or Zoom link ( Driveway or area with 20-30 yards ofContinue reading “Virtual Gloom BlackOps 3.23.20 PreBlast”

1 Year of Growing The Garden 3.14.2020 PreBlast

This Saturday 3.14.2020, we’ll celebrate 1 year since the initial WO at The Garden. Nice & Slow, Huggies, & myself will Q a convergence style WO wherein we will lead three separate 15 minute WOs across various parts of the site to till you down to your roots before forcing your growth back up. Don’tContinue reading “1 Year of Growing The Garden 3.14.2020 PreBlast”

DORA’s Bag of Bodybuilders at The O 3.3.20 BackBlast

As I was planning this WO I went back & forth multiple times as to what I wanted to do & where I wanted to do it. Regardless of either, I know I wanted to try something I’ve never done as the Q & something I’ve never done during a WO (at least not thatContinue reading “DORA’s Bag of Bodybuilders at The O 3.3.20 BackBlast”

1st Broad Run BO establishes the “The 700 Club” 2.13.20 BB

In preparation for this Q I went out to the site on Tuesday to scout things out a little more (I’d been there before, but it was like 8 months ago to Ruck) & I left pumped. Given the forecast for this morning I was really pumped seeing this Pavilion below, but admittedly I wonderedContinue reading “1st Broad Run BO establishes the “The 700 Club” 2.13.20 BB”

Broad Run BlackOps 2.13.20 PreBlast

Tomorrow will be the start of the next expansion of F3Louisville as we strive to impact more men in our community. The location is set (see below) & after scouting the area out yesterday I’m really excited about this site. Broad Run Park was completed after Beckley Creek Park (also known as The Posh whichContinue reading “Broad Run BlackOps 2.13.20 PreBlast”

A Thirst Trap from VETS 2.7.2020 BackBlast

My entire idea for this WO was to do a complete mash-up of several types of WOs (a few of which I’ve never used in a WO) to make one complete WO to last for 30-40 minutes. My personal perceived genius will likely be overshadowed by this picture above given it’s already gotten 24 responsesContinue reading “A Thirst Trap from VETS 2.7.2020 BackBlast”

Poppin’ Bottles at the Cliffs 12.31.19 BackBlast

I started this morning by taking my 2nd dose of an antibiotic because I’ve been sick since last Tuesday, but I’d signed up to Q & I wasn’t about to miss it. I Qd the first WO this year at The Garden on 3.7.19 & I was going to Q the last WO this yearContinue reading “Poppin’ Bottles at the Cliffs 12.31.19 BackBlast”

End of the Year Cliffs 12.31.19 PreBlast

For all of us to tomorrow is our last opportunity to get a WO in before the calendar turns to 2020, but for A LOT of the PAX in the Region, tomorrow is also an opportunity for a first…their first post at The Garden. Over the last 2 1/2 years, the Region has experienced exponentialContinue reading “End of the Year Cliffs 12.31.19 PreBlast”

The BoP Returns to The Fog 12.14.19 BackBlast

The family & I got home around 8:30 Friday night following a birthday party for Goose’s daughter, which meant it was about 9:30 until the 2.0s were asleep. Although I had an idea of what I wanted to do for the WO the next day I hadn’t prepared anything & honestly I didn’t really wantContinue reading “The BoP Returns to The Fog 12.14.19 BackBlast”


Thriving or surviving. Given the choice, I don’t think there’s any question which option every PAX member would choose. It’s the vision & the goal of Kilo, Diablo, Catfish, & myself for the Region to THRIVE within ALL 3 Fs in 2020. This challenge is meant to jumpstart the acceleration of thriving as soon asContinue reading “2020 IRON-HORSE CHALLENGE”

2 Year Postversary at The Bridge 12.18.19 PreBlast

So this is actually two days before the 2-year mark of my first post, but my first post was the Bridge at The Posh so we’re going to celebrate a little prematurely. If you haven’t been to one of my 50+ Qs over the last two years I encourage you to come out tomorrow &Continue reading “2 Year Postversary at The Bridge 12.18.19 PreBlast”

The Rooster Crowed 12.3.19 BackBlast

I’d originally signed up to Q The Rooster last week, 11.25.19, but underestimated the mental & physical toll moving would take on me so I asked Backdraft to cover for me. Thank you brother! It’d been 10+ days since I last worked out so when putting together the WO I wanted something to hit theContinue reading “The Rooster Crowed 12.3.19 BackBlast”

Peggy Baker BlackOps 10.29.19 BackBlast

A couple of months ago The County was consistently having 20-25+ PAX consistently post at the Loco & the Agony so needless to say it was time for some starfish. We began looking at sites to primarily accommodate The County PAX & Peggy Baker Park was deemed one of those locations. I’d been to theContinue reading “Peggy Baker BlackOps 10.29.19 BackBlast”


Today we kicked off Ghost Q Week leading up to Convergence this Saturday 10.26.19. I look forward to seeing as many PAX as possible this Saturday at Convergence with the details below: WHAT: A full body hour long beat down by 4 different PAX of F3Louisville followed by some quality 2ndF. WHEN: Saturday 10.26.19 fromContinue reading “**CONVERGENCE 10.26.19 PREBLAST**”