DORA’s Bag of Bodybuilders at The O 3.3.20 BackBlast

8-Count Bodybuilder

As I was planning this WO I went back & forth multiple times as to what I wanted to do & where I wanted to do it. Regardless of either, I know I wanted to try something I’ve never done as the Q & something I’ve never done during a WO (at least not that I can recall). Here’s what I came up with.

Weather Conditions: An awesome 52 degrees with 88% humidity & a light sprinkle on & off. I’m pretty sure this was the first WO in sometime I could feel the sweat, not rain, dripping down my face & I loved it.


  1. Tron
  2. Handbook
  3. Frankenbaby
  4. Diablo
  5. Wham!
  6. Tammy Faye Baker
  7. Russdiculous
  8. Vincent (R)
  9. Number 2 (R)
  10. Jitterbug (R)
  11. Flo Jo
  12. Violet
  13. Nino (QIC)

At 0529 I gave the disclaimer to the group that I am not a professional. I’ve received absolutely no training, have no certification, everything I say to do is a suggestion, & encouraged the PAX to push themselves, but to make sure to listen to their body & modify as necessary. As I was finishing up the disclaimer Wham! was pulling up so I thought we should greet him. We started off on a mosey around the back side & around the tennis courts where we went for CoP.


  • (15) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (15) Abe Vigoda IC
  • (15) Toy Soldiers IC
  • Some stretching

The PAX counted off, each one grabbed a coupon, & we moseyed over to the paved half pipe on Briar Hill Rd for The Thang.

The Thang : DORA 1, 2, 3

As I said above, I wanted to do something I’ve never done as a Q…well that’s DORA. I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with DORA, but it seems like a lot of times it goes one of two ways: the exercises aren’t difficult enough resulting in PAX getting done too quickly OR the exercises are difficult so the reps are too many resulting in the PAX not getting done. I wanted to use exercises to work the entire body, were difficult, but not too difficult with the hopes of everyone completing, or at least almost completing, in the allotted amount of time. Here’s what was rolled out:

  • (100) 8-Count Bodybuilders
    • this exercise may be in the Lexicon as something else, but we’ve seen my position on checking/keeping names so this is what we went with
    • this is also the exercise I don’t recall ever doing at a WO & was eager to try…I really like it
  • (200) Mountain Climber Merkins
  • (300) Squat to Calf Raises

As I was explaining this portion I could tell the PAX were thinking, “So…why in the hell did we bring the coupons all the way over here?” I then explained the coupons would be used for the PAX member not doing the exercises. As PAX 1 started on the exercises, PAX 2 traveled down the hill to Marker 1 with the coupon(s), set them down, Bernie Sanders up the other hill to Marker 2, Mosey back down, & return back to the start with the coupons. Each time the individual PAX was going down the hill they alternated between Farmer Carry & Overhead Carry with the coupons.

By 0605 none of the pairings were into the Squats to Calf Raises so to get more leg work in I instructed the PAX to transition into this exercise for the duration of the remaining time. At 0612 we started on a mosey with the coupons back to the Flag for CoT.


  • CoR
  • NoR
  • Announcements
    • The March “Slasher” Ruck presented by Retainer & Viking is on Friday 3.13.20 & the 3rdF component is Blessings in a Backpack. Check out Slack for the details.
  • Intentions
    • The Francis family

I thanked the PAX for making the decision to come out this morning because it constantly reminds me how humbling it is to lead any of these men for 45 minutes of their day.

Nino out.

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