Introducing the Ultimate Weekend Warrior Challenge

Last weekend the Region was challenged to get out & run in an attempt to run more than the 157 miles (or something like that) F3Naperville had previously boasted. What did our PAX do? You crazy SOBs collectively ran over 600 miles! I’ve been thinking about this for several days & have come to a couple of conclusions:

  1. This group REALLY likes to run.
  2. This group is REALLY competitive.

Based off what I’ve seen over the last two years I personally believe it’s more likely the ladder of my conclusions which is why I’m putting out another challenge. As we try to work through the current situation of our world as individuals & as a group I’m introducing the idea of a weekly WO challenge to be done each weekend. These WOs will be designed similar to the IronPAXChallenge WOs in which there will be a set WO each week & every participating PAX member will submit a score such as a time, number of reps, etc. Each week after all submissions are received (via a link like the one below) a Ultimate Weekend Warrior will be announced.

Here is the inaugural WO to kick off the Ultimate Weekend Warrior Challenge:

  • Burpees – no clap, no burpee
  • Lunges – NOT jump lunges
  • Lunges – are single count so it’s (15) lunges per leg

To participate in the Ultimate Weekend Warrior Challenge all you have to do is get off your ass at some point over the weekend, complete the designated WO for the week, & post your outcome. You don’t have to do it every week, you don’t have to join a channel, etc. It’s simply do the WO, submit your score, & hopefully stay engaged with the group.

If you have any questions or suggestions (like a WO to use) reach out to me directly.


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