Mist in the Zoom BlackOps 3.27.2020 BackBlast

Due to the increased craziness of this COVID-19 pandemic the M put her foot her down  insisting that if I’m going to WO I do it in the Zoom. On Monday I Qd my first WO via Zoom & I admit I tossed, turned, & woke up all night like it was my VQ (which technically it was my Zoom VQ), but last night I slept like a baby because I knew what to expect. I also decided to run back the WO I used about a month ago out at Broad Run. 

Weather: A clear spring morning with a perfect 56 degree temperature.


  1. Holy Roller (R)
  2. Faulkner
  3. Plank
  4. Aerobie (R)
  5. McAfee
  6. Chapo
  7. PED
  8. Squid
  9. Jewel
  10. Sump Pump
  11. Potter
  12. Minnow
  13. Stick Up
  14. Nino (QIC)

With everyone logged on I gave the disclaimer & we got into a brief CoP because I wanted the bulk of the time to spent on The Thang.


  • (15) Grass Grabbers IC
  • Kendra Newman’s 
  • Calf Stretching

The Thang

Perform as many as rounds as possible, this is what consisted of (1) round:

**The run was to a marker placed roughly 25 yards away & whichever round you were on was how many times you ran back & fourth to the marker.

After walking through The Thang & clarifying any/all exercises I instructed the PAX to get after it until 0615 when I called time.


  • CoR 
  • NoR
  • Announcements
  • Intentions

Whether in person or through a screen I’m extremely thankful for the men of this group. Things kind of suck right now & while it’ll be a process that takes time, things will get better. Hold your loved ones close & lean on this group as much or as often as needed…that’s what we’re hear for.

Nino out.

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