IronPAXChallenge Training at The Garden’s Cliffs 8.18.20 PreBlast

⬆️ Original IPC WO on the left & Modified IPC on the right ⬆️

The 2020 IronPAXChallenge is set to kick off in 2 weeks & tomorrow we’ll continue prep work at The Garden by running back another previous WO. However, I made a few modifications (pictured on the right) to the original IPC WO (pictured on the left) because I looked back & found there were a couple of PAX in the Region who completed the WO in less than 21 minutes. Hence, the modifications were made in an effort to provide each PAX with a full 45 minute WO. Tomorrow any PAX who posts will be able to choose which WO they do because both are 💯 you vs you.

Bring a coupon & we’ll start right at 0530 so I suggest getting there at least 5-10 minutes early if you want to stretch, get loose, or whatever you need to get ready.



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