8.14.20 BB – The Chopper @ Vets

It was another lovely Louisville morning coming into the park for a Friday morning grinding. YHC got there early to set up station and workouts to keep everyone socially distance while working throughout the morning. The Vets PAX on a Friday is 15-20 guys and the mumblechatter is on point. This Friday was THE exception. Mumblechatter was great, PAX totaled out at 3 (unless we were to count Leno and Ladybird who drove all the way out there and then left before the PAX showed up due to rain and the local calls from wafflehouse….)

PAX: Tony Malito, Bunghole, Stick Up (Q)

We started off with our disclaimer, COVID notice, and a mosey over to the pavilion for COP.

20 SSH (IC)
15 Grassgrabbers (IC)
15 Toy Soldiers (IC)
Downward dog, L/R Calf Stretch, L/R Runners Stretch
15 Imperial Walkers (IC)

THANG: Instead of using the station set up, YHC decided it would be better to run a tabata style WO under the pavilion since there was just 3 and we could stay dry while maintaining social distance. The tabata was done in 1 minute work with 20 sec rest increments. After 4 rounds we would mosey a lap around the monument and return for more tabata as follows.

Round 1: Merkins
Round 2: Incline Merkins
1 Min Rest
Round 3: Groiners
Round 4: Squats
1 Min Rest
Round 5: Lunges
Round 6: Flutter Kicks
1Min Rest
Round 7: BBSU’s

Time was called and we returned to the seal for COT.

COT: CountOrama, NameOrama, Announcements, Intentions, Words of thanks.

This was one of those occasions where a smaller group turned out to be exactly what was needed to get the Friday started off right. It was also my first and LAST Q that did not involve burpees and bearcrawls (sorry you missed it). Mumblechatter was on point and we all got better because of it! It was a true honor and privilege to lead these HIM’s on this day! THANK YOU.

-Stick Up

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