Roper’s Return to The Baptizer 8.28.20 BackBlast

Prior to this WO I claimed/did several things…

  1. Made it known we would NOT run up/down any of the hills at The Garden.
  2. Told Mr. Roper I would name this WO “Roper’s Return” if he posted today, which would be his 3rd post this week.
  3. I asked for several volunteers to help me move/set up a few things prior to the WO.

As a follow up to each of these,

  1. We did NOT run up/down any hills…even if we did use them.
  2. Mr. Roper was in attendance making it out ITG 3 times this week 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 & why this WO is now “Roper’s Return”.
  3. 5 different HIMs stepped up: Wide Right, Gypsy, Husky, Nice & Slow, & Natty Lite helped me move some of the big ass picnic tables (more on this in a moment).

Weather: 74 degrees with 98% humidity which has to be completely false.

At 0529 I gave the disclaimer…I am not a professional, I’ve received no professional training, to listen to your body so if you need to modify please do so, & we are in the midst of a health pandemic so keep your distance. Seeing the size of the group it as obvious we needed to split the group up.


  1. Catfish
  2. Leno
  3. Ladybird (R)
  4. Jumpseat
  5. Jitterbug (R)
  6. Diane Dukes
  7. Subprime
  8. Wide Right
  9. Natty Lite
  10. Huggies
  11. Nice & Slow
  12. Domino
  13. Uncle Rico
  14. Jewel
  15. Touch-n-Go (FNG)
  16. Tammy Faye Baker
  17. Fructose
  18. Mr. Roper
  19. Gypsy
  20. Dunphy
  21. Husky (R)
  22. Milton
  23. Jimmy Neutron
  24. Minnow
  25. Nino (QIC)

We started off on a mosey around the entire lot before coming back to where’d we met.


  • (10) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (10) Imperial Walkers
  • (10) Toy Soldiers
  • (5) BOYO
  • (10) Copperhead Squats
  • (10) Plank Jacks

I then asked the previous volunteers Husky, Wide Right, Gypsy, & Natty Lite come out of the circle to join me in the middle before having the group count off in 5s. I anticipated having 16ish PAX in attendance (definitely wasn’t expected 25) so for my WO I planned to split into smaller groups of 4-5 with each of the volunteers leading a group. I sent them the WO (seen below) last night so they’d be comfortable leading their group. After counting off I told which numbers who they were assigned to:

  • 1s – Husky
  • 2s – Wide Right
  • 3s – Gypsy
  • 4s – Natty Lite
  • 5s – Nino

Each group then went to different section of the loop to start & continue progressing through the loop on repeat until 0612 when it was time to head back to the flag.

At 0615 the last group & myself were got back to the flag for CoT.


  • CoR
  • NoR
    • We welcome an FNG named Touch-n-Go.
  • Announcements
    • If you can, do what you can to donate to Jarrett’s Joy Cart.
  • Intentions
    • TaPs for Shiplap 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.

I’m extremely proud to be apart of this group & this AO. I’ve always said & always will it’s one of the most humbling experience to have ANY of the men this Region follow you for any part of their day.

~ Nino out.

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