1 Year of Growing The Garden 3.14.2020 PreBlast

This Saturday 3.14.2020, we’ll celebrate 1 year since the initial WO at The Garden. Nice & Slow, Huggies, & myself will Q a convergence style WO wherein we will lead three separate 15 minute WOs across various parts of the site to till you down to your roots before forcing your growth back up.

  • Don’t know what a convergence or convergence stile WO is? Come out to see for yourself.
  • Never been to The Garden? Come out to see it in all it’s beauty.
  • Want to enjoy some 2ndF following the WO? Come out & you’ll receive what you seek.
  • Want to see what the guys in this picture can put together for a WO? Come out & see.

Following the WO there will be refreshments over some coffeteria that doesn’t require you to go anywhere.



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